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Watch out! Covid-19 can give rise to these skin complications

From herpes to warts, Covid-19 can leave you with skin complications that you must pay full attention to.
skin issues post Covid-19
Covid-19 leaves behind many side effects. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Parmita Uniyal Published: 15 Feb 2022, 22:53 pm IST
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Recovering from Covid-19 or Omicron? Apart from an array of post Covid complications like shortness of breath, fatigue or brain fog, you may also experience skin complications that are often seen as rashes, redness of skin and patches.

Experts say these should not be ignored and they require immediate medical attention.

acne breakouts
Do not pick your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Apart from heart problems, blood clotting, and respiratory issues, many people are suffering from herpes and arthralgia (joint pain). The cases of herpes and joint pain significantly increased during the second and third waves. Doctors urge patients to embrace a healthy lifestyle even after bouncing back from Covid infection.

The skin complications post Covid are seen more in females and are also common among senior citizens and pregnant women.

“Herpes and other skin complications are getting triggered in patients who have a previous history of it. Do not ignore any signs like rashes, redness of the skin, and patches, seek immediate medical attention, says Dr. Vishwajeet Chavan, Orthopedic Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Pune.

“Treatment with monoclonal anti–TNF alpha antibodies can cause herpes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people reported herpes, joint pain, and even warts. These problems are commonly seen in females when compared to males. People come with complaints like skin rash, redness, shingles around eyes nose, lips. These infections are common among senior citizens, pregnant women,” says Dr Chavan.

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skin problems due to covid-19
Keep an eye on changes in your skin! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Post Covid phase requires care

“Covid-19 has a long range of side effects, the most prevalent of which being fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. The severity and length of these symptoms varies from person to person, although some are more likely to persist far into your recovery phase. While uncomfortable and/or annoying, most people don’t find these persistent symptoms to be overly concerning. You must still get vaccinated or receive a booster, wear a mask, and maintain social distance,” says Dr Taymeena Kachot, Critical Care Specialist, Porvoo Transition Care.

“Make sure you get enough exercise and physical activity at home. Eat regularly and divide your daily calories into 5-6 small meals rather than skipping meals. Incorporate fibre into your diet by eating whole grain cereals, whole grains and pulses, whole wheat porridge, whole wheat bread, oats, and so on,” says Dr Mohammad amzad Ali, Critical Care Specialist, Porvoo Transition Care.


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