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Buccal fat removal: The cosmetic surgery netizens are obsessed with

Buccal fat removal surgery has been buzzing since the last few months. Read on to find out if this cosmetic surgery is worth it.
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Know about buccal fat removal surgery. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Natalia Ningthoujam Updated: 20 Feb 2024, 14:03 pm IST
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While many talked about beauty trends in the end of 2022, one cosmetic procedure that often popped up was buccal fat removal. Some celebrity names were thrown in too, but only model Chrissy Teigen owned up to having it done. Buccal fat removal surgery is still on the lips of many, thanks to social media. Some have given it a thumbs up and others still have doubts about the cosmetic surgery. Let’s find out what’s this buzz all about and if going for buccal fat removal surgery is the way to get well-defined cheeks.

HealthShots contacted cosmetic surgeon Dr Rashmi Taneja to know all about buccal fat removal surgery.

buccal fat removal surgery
Buccal fat removal surgery is one of the most talked about cosmetic surgeries. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

What is buccal fat removal surgery?

You must have noticed the fat between your jaw bones and cheekbones, that’s buccal fat. Some women don’t mind it, but others want their cheeks to look less puffy. Getting technical, Dr Taneja explains that buccal fat removal surgery involves removing the “Bichat’s fat pad that is one of the deep fat pads in the cheek found between the cheek muscles.”

Is it okay to remove buccal fat?

It’s true that people are curious about celebrities going for buccal fat removal surgery. Another common question is if it’s okay to remove buccal fat. The expert says that it is okay to remove buccal fat, but prior to planning the surgery you must understand that it is an irreversible process.

Buccal fat doesn’t come back after the surgery

If we talk about fat removal procedures, we often wonder if it will come back after some time. That’s not the case with buccal fat removal surgery, as once the buccal fat pad is completely removed, it does not come back after surgery. It is a well-defined fat pocket in the cheek and will not reform or re-accumulate once it’s removed.

Smiling woman
Removal of buccal fat pad can make your face appear gaunt. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Side effects of buccal fat removal surgery

You can say goodbye to puffy cheeks with buccal fat removal surgery, but there are two major downsides. Removal of buccal fat pad can make your face appear gaunt. And it can add years to your age.

You can always try facial exercises to get a sharp jawline if the surgery doesn’t work out for you.

Best age for buccal fat removal surgery

If you have a round face with full cheeks and still want to give it a shot, Dr Taneja says that usually the appropriate age for the surgery would be mid-20s. She says a person who wants to undergo the surgery, usually wants greater definition to the face and a more contoured appearance to their face.

Recovery after buccal fat removal surgery

The buccal fat removal surgery is usually performed from inside the cheek or mouth and there are stitches inside the cheek.

• There will be some post-operative swelling and discomfort while eating, so you will have to eat soft food for a week to 10 days till the stitches heal.
• It is also important to maintain good oral hygiene while the healing is taking place (oral health tips).

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Buccal fat is not going to harm you in any way, but if you still want to go for the surgery, do it only after having a long discussion with your doctor. A social media trend should not be the reason for undergoing this irreversible cosmetic surgery.

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