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4 women share the horrors of getting an eyelash extension

Getting your eyelash extension done may come like a fluttering set of wings but can spell damage in the long run! Read on to know how.
eyelash extensions
Do eyelash extensions come with any risks? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 16 Feb 2022, 11:00 am IST
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If you’ve tried every old wives’ tale to get longer lashes, know you’re not alone. The over maintenance and upkeep of falsies has given the rise to a new eyelash solution called eyelash extension. Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent way for making eyelashes look made up without mascara. But, 4 women who excitedly got it done, share the worst outcomes on their real eyelashes and risks of eyelash extension.

How is an eyelash extension done?

The process in itself can be an overwhelming experience for some. First, your technician will walk you through the various lash extension options: fiber (synthetic, silk, and faux-mink), length, and curl type. Then the process gets more tenuous, as your technician will be using a tweezer-like tool to precisely affix individual eyelashes to your eyes by gluing one false lash onto each of your own natural lashes, one tiny lash at a time.

Once you decide on getting it done, there’s a set of problems you need to be careful about since, they are next to your eyes of course! While the process may sound ponderous, we are here to give you the real deal about lash extensions. We spoke to four women to reveal the good, the bad, and the annoying about an eyelash extension.

Here’s what they say about the risks of eyelash extension:

Ankita, a marketing manager based in Delhi

“The best part was when I headed out of the salon with long, full, dark, and feathery eyelashes without slathering on three coats of mascara. However, the good times were meager. On the next day, I woke up to an allergic reaction with major sensitivity on my eyelids. The redness around my eyes made me regret my decision instantly. I wondered if it was a hygiene issue or was I allergic to glue, but the expert lady blamed my habit of sleeping on my face.”

Elice, who is a PR executive in a Delhi-based company

“Our eyelashes naturally grow in and fall off in cycles, like the hair on our head does, as told by the lash expert at the salon. However, my eyelashes started falling out more than before. My dermatologist said that my long faux lashes are weighing down my natural lashes and it sent me into a frenzy. I got a thick and wispy set for my wedding day, unaware of the consequences of a heavy and long set of fake lashes. Giving more importance to my natural pair than the 15,000 I would have spent on the fake set, I couldn’t resist but ask for a lash removal ASAP.”

castor oil for lashes
Getting an eyelash extension is an investment in itself! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Priyanka, an office-going mother of two

“I think I’m the person responsible for high mascara prices. I can’t go a day without curling and styling them. The thought of saving time not doing the coats of mascara made me go for my lash extension appointment. However, My lashes started looking wonky within a week. I could see some clumps in my lashes while some ends went frayed and crazy. And to top it off, they started to fall one by one. So much that there were more fallen eyelashes to wish on than my wishes!  Before feeling the urge to rub my eyes, I had to remind myself that my lashes are pricey. You will need to treat your lashes like the outrageous investment that they are.” she added.

Sana Khan, an immigration executive

“My reason for getting them was that they look extremely real. Actually, far more natural than a strip of falsies I had been using for all my important dates. My lash expert said they can last for months and beyond if done right. Hearing that, I couldn’t hold my glee. The only con to it was the tiring amount of care and precautions one has to take. Mind you, extensions are not low-maintenance which means you cannot rub your tired eyes with the back of your hand or fall asleep face first on your bed. To top it, you need to watch what you’re putting near your eyes. I had to straight away ditch all the products that contained oil. These include makeup, cleansers, moisturizers and makeup removers. All this is difficult for a lazy woman like me!”

Cornea donation
The dream of fluttering eyelashes may seem temporary through an eyelash extension. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The common link between all the women was that eyelash extensions made it needless to put on makeup as their eyes look made up already. You can cut to the chase and walk out of the salon with a set of fluttery lashes right before that cousin’s wedding or a big date. Or you can go the natural way and make ‘your-mama-gave-it-you’ lashes stronger and longer.

The takeaway

Many women report that extensions can cause your natural lashes to break mid-shaft by weighing them down. They deliver a sense of satisfaction instantly. However, they will gradually fall down on their own. And to extend their life, you need to pour in more money by getting regular fills. Are you ready to take the plunge of going one step beyond falsies?

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  • 183
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