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This vitamin C serum blurred my fine lines in 2 weeks. P.S. It costs less than Rs 600

If you’ve been looking for the best vitamin C serum out there, then do give Pilgrim’s vitamin C night serum with hyaluronic acid and white lotus a shot.
best vitamin C serum
Get healthy and hydrated skin with just a few uses!
Geetika Sachdev Published: 8 Jan 2021, 17:28 pm IST
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Korean beauty or K-beauty as they call it, has been everywhere for the last few years. Let me tell you I am a huge fan of everything Korean—be it their food, dramas and of course, their skincare products. So, when I came across Pilgrim’s ‘Secrets of Jeju Island’ range, I knew I had to give it a shot (that’s of course, one reason). 

I was curious to know if the vitamin C night serum with hyaluronic acid and white lotus was as good as its promise! For the longest time, serums weren’t a part of my skincare regime. It’s only been a year since I embraced their goodness (hello, healthy skin), but guess what? It’s pretty hard to find a good one that suits your skin type. Either, most serums turn out too oily or they don’t do much for your skin—and end up being a trophy product in your vanity kit. 

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Well, the good news is that after two weeks of trying out Pilgrim’s night serum, I can certainly say I can’t stay away from this product. I wake up every single day with healthy and hydrated skin, and my blemishes have reduced too! 

My skin felt rescued

To be honest, I have never had an elaborate night skincare routine. I would generally cleanse, tone and moisturise my face, and just let it be. The next morning, my face would feel like Thar desert with all its dryness and dullness, and I didn’t even know if I was doing anything wrong!

For the last two weeks, I have been using this serum after moisturising my skin. The best part is it’s not oily at all, and gets easily absorbed into the skin. If you are in your 30s, this is the best product to add to your skincare regimen, because it also fights premature aging, and there’s proof. 

The Moms Co
Get soft and glowing skin with this face serum Image courtesy: Shutterstock

I had a few fine lines and blemishes on my face, and it’s almost a miracle that they have reduced in no time. Plus since I stay in Delhi, and the winter season is particularly harsh, it’s almost a blessing that I found this product at the right time! 

The serum contains the best ingredients for your skin

As the name suggests, this serum contains vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, and is known to fight free radicals. It also contains vitamin E that promotes healthy skin, and combats sun damage. When these two ingredients come together, they are a force to reckon with. This serum hydrates, evens the skin tone, tackles hyperpigmentation, and even promotes collagen production.

Plus there’s hyaluronic acid, the star skincare ingredient. Much has been said about its amazing properties, and all of that is true. It holds thousand times its weight in water, preventing oily skin and premature aging. 

How can we miss out on this one? The serum also contains gold peptide that enhances the penetration of these ingredients into the skin. 

Plus these ingredients are all infused in argan oil, and that means your skin repairs itself as you catch up on your beauty sleep! 

What’s important to note is that its all-natural ingredients work for all skin types. The products, as Pilgrim calls it, are ‘clean compatible’, which means they are not just free from toxic chemicals, but only use those ingredients that enhance the health of the skin

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This is how I use the product 

Since I was using this product for the first time, I decided to follow the instructions written on the bottle. Take a few drops of the serum on your hand, dab it on to your face and neck gently, and massage it with your fingertips. This step must be the last in your night care routine. Trust us, you’ll see a difference after the first use. 

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So, should I buy the product?

Without a doubt! The product will turn out to be the best part of your skincare routine at night. The lightweight, non-greasy serum is so amazing that it’ll work its magic in no time. Plus, it works for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry at all. Unlike other serums, it’s affordable too. The 30ml pack comes for Rs 550.

Ladies, try out this amazing K-beauty phenomenon! Your skin is sure to thank you. 

  • 74
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An independent writer and journalist, Geetika loves sharp and fresh humour, just like her coffee! If not writing, you'll find her cafe-hopping and raiding the best book stores in town. ...Read More

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