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HealthShots Tried and Tested: This hydrating gel is keeping my skin from drying out this winter

If you’ve been struggling with dry and lifeless skin in winter, then the Bare Body Essentials Hydraglow Gel will prove to be your saviour!
how to hydrate your skin in winter
It provides 72-hours of protection against dryness! Image courtesy: Bare Body Essentials
Geetika Sachdev Published: 15 Dec 2020, 17:34 pm IST
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I heart winter and look forward to it all year long for the endless cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows. One thing, however, that I dread about my favourite season is dry and lifeless skin. It is a pain to slather on moisturiser every few hours in a day, and still not see the results. Oh, and did I tell you, these oh-so-creamy products are your free pass to breakouts? 

This year, armed with my mission to find hydrating products for the winter season, I decided to try out Bare Body Essentials’ Hydraglow Gel. The packaging looked so attractive to me and so did its promise. After two weeks of using it, I can finally say my skin has been rescued (literally) from the trap of winter. 

My skin felt hydrated after the first use

The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘72 hours hydration and radiance’ claim that is written upfront! I really thought it could be one of those claims again, but I was glad to be proven wrong.

The Bare Body Essentials Hydraglow Gel really gives you hydration for that long (actually more than that). Now, I don’t mean that you’ll be sorted for 72 hours after applying it only once. What it essentially means is that you don’t have to go through the ordeal of putting it on every few hours. Just take a generous amount every morning, put it on your face, and massage it properly with your fingertips. You’re good to go for the entire day!

I couldn’t believe that I saw the results on the very first day. My skin, which would generally look parched and in dire need of hydration every winter, was so happy! Plus, it’s so light that it doesn’t even weigh your skin down.

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It was a week after I started using it that I realised that my skin looked radiant and fresh, apart from being hydrated. The best part was that I saw myself reaching out for this product every morning, without fail. What’s more, I didn’t have to re-apply it every now and then. Trust me, that’s a huge blessing!

Give your skin the TLC it deserves this winter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
The gel contains natural ingredients

Unlike several other products available in the market, the all-new Bare Body Essentials Hydraglow Gel contains the goodness of green tea and batula alba extract, both of which are elixirs for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, then this product is godsent! What’s important to note is that its all-natural ingredients work for all skin types.

One of the biggest reasons why the skin looks so dry in winter is transepidermal water loss which refers to water being lost through the skin. Thanks to this gel, you don’t even have to worry anymore. This product prevents and protects your skin against water loss for up to 72 hours, keeping it soft, supple and smooth. 

Plus, all Bare Body Essentials products abide by standard guidelines and are safe to use. The products are 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free and are formulated with utmost care

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this is how I use the product 

Since I had not used anything from Bare Body Essentials in the past, I decided to go ahead with the instructions written at the back of the product. Every morning, I generally use a good cleanser to remove all the impurities from my face, apply a refreshing toner, and then use this Gel (yes, I have been using it as a moisturiser). I take an adequate amount of product on my fingers, and gently massage it all over my face till the product gets absorbed. 

So, should I buy the product?

Definitely! The product will certainly serve as your best companion if you’ve been struggling with dry and lifeless skin during the winter season. This lightweight gel is so amazing that you’d definitely want to give it a shot. It works for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry at all. Oh, and the best part is that you won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket! The 50g pack costs only Rs 399.

Ladies, go ahead and try it out this winter to keep your skin hydrated!

  • 73
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