Best micellar water for skin: 5 picks to improve skin hydration

Are looking for skincare products that can leave your skin clear and hydrated? Take a look at these best micellar waters for skin that you must try!
best micellar waters
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Tanya Shree Published: 12 Feb 2024, 10:30 am IST
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Perfect skin requires extra care! The most natural secret to glowing skin from inside out is adequate water intake. But one trick a lot of people are using nowadays is micellar water, which is considered a useful cleanser. You can use this multipurpose skincare product to remove dirt, excess oil and impurities from your skin to make it look healthy. It is made using glycerin and mild surfactants that promote skin hydration and reduce irritation. Plus, micellar water can help prevent blocked pores and pimples to keep your skin clear and shiny. If you are looking for the best micellar waters for skin, we have carefully selected the best options for you!

5 best micellar waters for skin

From using it as a makeup remover to applying it on your skin as a toner, you can use the best micellar waters in India for various skin benefits. So, pick the best ones from the top micellar water brands and enhance your skincare routine:

1. Bioderma Sebium H2O Purifying Micellar Cleansing Water

Bioderma claims that its micellar water promotes gentle cleansing. It contains zinc gluconate and copper sulphate, which help fight bacteria and inflammation. This skincare product promises to attract impurities from your skin, remove it and preserve your skin’s natural protective film. The brand also mentioned that this product is dermatologically tested which makes it safe to use. Besides cleansing your skin, it also reduces the sebum production and prevents the risks of skin reaction.

How to use: Soak a cotton pad with this water and gently cleanse your face.

2. Evoluderm Moisturising Micellar Water

The Evoluderm Moisturising Micellar Water is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It contains essential ingredients like glycerin which promotes gentle cleansing and skin hydration. This product promises to balance the sebum production, which helps reduce clogged pores and makes your skin clear.

How to use: Take a sufficient amount of water on the face and gently glide it all over your face.

3. Uriage Thermal Water Micellar

Suitable for oily skin, the Uriage Thermal Micellar Water contains hypoallergenic and moisturising properties. It helps remove makeup, dirt and other impurities from face and eyes. This product also promises to normalise the quantity of sebum production and purifies your skin. The brand claims that it is tested under ophthalmic control, which makes it safe to use.

How to use: Apply the water on a cotton pad and glide on your face.

4. AGE Calendula Micellar Water

The AGE Calendula Micellar Water is suitable for skin types. Its no-rinse formula allows you to conveniently incorporate this product in your skincare routine to promote overall skin health. It promotes double cleansing and removes all the dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. This product helps penetrate to your skin in less time and makes your skin hydrated and plump. The brand claims that it is free from harsh chemicals, which makes it safe for your skin.

How to use: Spray the water and gently massage your face. Then wipe your skin with a cotton pad to remove all the impurities.

5. Yahvi Ashwagandha Micellar Water

The Yahvi Ashwagandha Micellar Water promises to purify, cleanse and hydrate your skin. It contains aloe vera and ashwagandha that improve your skin’s nourishment and infuse the goodness of nature in your skincare product. This product also promotes even skin tone. Plus, the brand claims that the product is cruelty-free, paraben-free, GMP certified and ISO certified, which makes it safe to use.

How to use: Spray the water on your skin and then gently massage your skin for better results.

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What are the benefits of using micellar water?

  • Supports gentle cleansing: It contains micelles that helps remove sebum, makeup and other impurities without the need for harsh rubbing. This makes the cleansing process gentle.
  • Boosts hydration: Micellar water is rich in hydrating properties that maintain the skin’s hydration balance, making it look refreshed and supple.
  • Removes makeup: It excellentanly removes makeup products.
  • Perfect for acne-prone skin: Using the best micellar waters for acne prone skin can help prevent pimples and blocked pores because of its non-comedogenic nature.
  • No-rinse formula: Its no-rinse formula makes this product a quick, convenient and efficient way for cleansing.

How to use micellar water?

There are multiple uses of micellar water. Check out the below points to make the most effective use of this skincare product:
1. First up, select the right micellar water that suits your needs.
2. Next, pour a sufficient amount of the product on a cotton pad and place it on your eyelid to remove waterproof mascara and eyeshadow gently.
3. Then, glide the pad all over your face to remove makeup.
4. You can use micellar waters to remove all the dirt and impurities before going to bed.
5. You can also use this product to make your skin look refreshed in the morning. Apply the water on your face and prepare your skin for daytime skincare routine.

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