Best Japanese gel-based moisturizers for glowing glass skin

Have you tried gel-based moisturizers? Find out the best Japanese gel-based moisturizers in India through our top online picks.
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Check out the best Japanese gel-based moisturizers in India. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 5 Nov 2023, 13:30 pm IST
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When it comes to natural skincare, Japanese moisturizers have always been the talk of the town. Using a good moisturizer can help with the daily maintenance of skin. It protects the outer skin layer from injury, inflammation, dryness and irritation as a first line of defense. The best Japanese gel-based moisturizers are highly recognized for their ability to keep skin hydrated, but some of them also have anti-aging and hydrating qualities that help you look younger.

Why are Japanese gel based moisturizers are so popular?

Japanese gel-based moisturizers are well-liked by consumers worldwide due to their unique advantages.

* Hydrating: They are extremely hydrating and nourishing. Japanese moisturizers are designed to preserve and replenish moisture on the face and body. They prevent moisture loss by mimicking the skin’s natural barrier. Skin becomes elastic and soft as a result.
* Heal the skin: Some gel-based moisturizers also offer healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging qualities, which makes them essential beauty products for skincare kits.
* Pigmentation: These moisturisers can also brighten the skin tone and minimise spots.
* Youthful skin: Certain moisturisers also exhibit anti-aging properties, such as minimising wrinkles and fine lines, enhancing skin elasticity and firmness, and improving skin texture.
* Packed with essential ingredients: These gel-based moisturizers usually contain vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronate, collagen, and other ingredients.
* Sun protection: Japanese moisturisers help prevent sun-related damage. Vitamins, plant collagens, isoflavone, and other substances help to manage the ageing that can result from prolonged exposure to UV light.

Best 5 Japanese gel-based moisturizers in India

Having beautiful skin is not a simple task, but the good news is that it is also not difficult! It all depends on how much money and time you have to devote to a skin care regimen. Take a look at these best 5 Japanese gel moisturiser brands.

1. TATCHA The Water Cream

Inspired by cutting-edge Japanese technology, the water cream is an ultimate product for mixed and oily skin types. The dewy sheen is achieved by the lightweight formula releasing a burst of moisture from the nutrients. Plants including wild rose, Japanese leopard lily, and Hadasei 3, a concoction of rice, algae, and green tea, are added to it. Hadasei 3 encourages skin turnover, wild rose helps minimise excess oil and tighten pores, and leopard lily calms inflamed skin. Try this gel-based moisturizer for its classic mix of ingredients.

2. Curel Moisture Facial Cream

A popular Japanese gel-based moisturiser for dry skin is this Curel moisturiser. It also works incredibly well on dry, sensitive skin. This cream feels weightless and non-sticky, in contrast to traditional moisturizers. It provides a deep-layer absorption that hydrates the skin without caking up. This cream, inspired by Ceramide Care technology, treats current breakouts and shields against new ones.


Prep your skin with this luxurious skin conditioning gel from Naturie. Improved with Hatomugi, a grass crop also called Job’s Tears, this light-textured, featherweight cream is perfect for adding moisture to the skin. The key component is high in vitamin B3, which evens out the complexion and brightens the skin. You can use this multifunctional Japanese gel moisturiser on both your face and body.

4. NAMERAKA Sana Isoflavone Lotion

This might be your best bet if you’re looking for a J-beauty moisturiser with integrated exfoliating and pH-balancing capabilities. The miraculous mixture is intended to give skin a softer, smoother texture. After all, it has extracts of carrot, soy, and plant collagens that help you reach your skincare objectives.

5. Kikumasamune Skincare Lotion

The goodness of old traditions is carried in this Japanese face lotion. Due to the active component of sake extract, derived from fermented rice, the formula is designed to provide your skin with an extreme level of hydration and moisture. It is abundant in antioxidants, fatty and amino acids, and vitamins. Together, the three brighten and moisturize skin while simultaneously diminishing dark spots.

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How is the Japanese skin routine different from the Korean skin routine?

Many people believe that Asian skincare is extremely similar to one another, yet it is quite distinct. Regarding the ultimate outcomes, every skincare product aims to attain a certain objective. The Japanese skin care system is based on old practices, but the Korean skincare system is more in tune with modern life. The Japanese are masters in making anti-aging products, whereas the Koreans focus more on items for younger consumers who don’t have severe skin issues.

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