Looking for a scrub? Try this product to relieve your skin worries

The first step in order to get rid of the regular dirt, oil, and impurities is scrubbing the face. So if you're in the market to find the best scrub, try the "Ilana get the glow" scrub that contains sugarcane!
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A scrub is an important part of your skincare routine. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 2 May 2022, 20:48 pm IST
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When it comes to dermal health, scrubbing is an integral part of a good skincare routine. However, choosing the right scrub to exfoliate the face is kind of a difficult task for people because the market is flooded with several products, some containing natural products and some chemical-based. Well, accumulation of dead skin is not a good thing and you need to get rid of it. That’s why exfoliation is a must. Well, a natural face scrub can help you unclog pores, and remove oil and dirt. And for this, you need to ditch those chemical-based products and should try a product that contains natural ingredients, such as Ilana Get the Glow scrub.

So when I came across this scrub, I knew I had to give it a try because it’s made with natural ingredients like sugarcane and willow bark extracts. After over two weeks of using it, I can say that my skin is feeling more supple, oil-free, and a little clearer.

Ilana get the flow scrub
Get a natural glow after using the scrub! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What is different about Ilana Get the Glow scrub?

Honestly, I’m a little vary of beauty products because in the end, they almost always show no or zero results. However, with this scrub, it’s totally different. All thanks to the results! My skin is getting blackheads-free, soft, and supple with its use.

Unlike several other scrubs available in the market, this scrub is made with plants Phyto AHA~BHAs (from Sugarcane and Willowbark Extracts) and Acai Fruit Enzyme, which can help reduce dull and flaky skin in order to promote soft, supple and more toned skin. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, this scrub is godsent! It acts as a cleanser which cleans dirt and oil from the pores and adds glow to your skin. What’s more, it can keep your skin hydrated.

Because this scrub is soft, gentle, and comes in a cream-based form, it can be used as a mild exfoliant and an everyday cleanser. I use it every day and find it effective. The brand claims that it is suitable for all skin types, hundred percent natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

Ilana get the flow scrub
Keep your skin healthy by exfoliating during the summer season. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Goodness of sugarcane for skin

This scrub contains the goodness of sugarcane. If you’re wondering whether sugarcane is good for your skin or not, let me tell you, it is the best source to get rid of several skin issues. Sugarcane is an antiseptic and works as a natural exfoliant that can keep your skin smooth and glowing. It is loaded with minerals and its extract in this product helps to moisturize the skin and reduce the chances of acne or pimple.

Moreover, sugarcane is a rich source of antioxidants and flavonoids which can keep your skin protected from harmful effects of UV rays such as sunburns and prevents free radical damage. Also because sugarcane is an excellent source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), it can clear many skin imperfections such as combating acne, delaying ageing, reducing wrinkles, and minimizing blemishes.

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Here’s how you can use this scrub

  • Squeeze a dollop in your hand and use a coin size amount of the scrub.
  • Gently massage the face scrub all over your face and neck for 1 minute and let it sit for 2 minutes.
  • Rinse your face and neck with normal water.
  • Follow up with a mask, toner serum, moisturiser, or SPF as required.

Use it thrice a week. However, as I already said, mild exfoliant can be used regularly. You’ll see the best results only after regular use.

This is what I experienced after the first use

A good scrub/exfoliator should be one that can remove grime, and dead skin cells and bring a natural glow to your face. This scrub does exactly that, in fact, it works even better.

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Ilana get the flow scrub
Get soft and glowing skin with this face scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

After the first application of this scrub on my face, my skin became smooth, baby soft, and fresh. I was impressed with the results and because the texture of this scrub is soft, I decided to use the mild exfoliant on a regular basis. Slowly and gradually, with the regular use of this scrub, my skin gets more soft and glowing.

Why should you buy or try this scrub?

You should definitely try Ilana Get the Glow scrub, but when it comes to beauty products, you should always do a patch test to be on the safer side. Due to its soft form, it caused no irritation to my skin and cleansed oil and dirt very gently. Plus,  at Rs 890 for a 50 ml pack, I found it to be a good bet!

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