5 best body oils for dry skin in winter

An extra skincare step that nourishes and hydrates the skin is a body oil. Check out these best 5 body oils for dry skin.
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Using the best body oils for dry skin can do wonders for you in winter. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 19 Dec 2023, 12:00 pm IST
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If the amount of moisture in your body lotion feels insufficient for your parched skin, think about incorporating a body oil into your skincare regime. Body oils help to strengthen the skin barrier, increase moisture content and supply vitamins. They imitate the sebum produced by your skin naturally. When applied over a lotion, they trap moisture and leave the skin feeling smooth and silky. They are especially beneficial for people who want a natural glow but have dry and rough skin. So, it was worth curating the best body oils for dry skin just for you!

5 body oils to hydrate your dry skin

Body oil is an extra step in skincare routines that leaves the skin feeling nourished and moisturised, giving it a smooth and even glow. Try these best 5 body oils that can be perfect for dry skin!

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Soothing Oil

This calming oil has been specially blended to calm, hydrate and soften dry, irritated skin. It is straightforward to use and comes in a handy pump spray bottle. Cocoa butter, vitamin E, collagen, lecithin, and elastin are combined to make this oil, which soothes and softens skin without sacrificing its firmness or elasticity.


Its quick-absorbing qualities and lightweight nature make it the perfect body oil for both summer and winter. Rich in vitamin C from oranges, this product maintains the flexibility of skin, as well as encourages the production of collagens. These attributes make it one of the top body oils for dry skin in India.

3. Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Body Oil

Discover the ultimate change in hydration as the product fights flakiness and reveals incredibly soft, supple skin while delivering powerful moisture. This Body polishing oil, enriched with natural components such as milk, sesame oil, fresh saffron, and almond oil, leaves your skin feeling incredibly smooth and nourished.

4. mCaffeine Coffee Body Oil for Dry Skin

Enjoy a revitalising massage that awakens your skin and calms your senses while stimulating coffee consumption. The Coffee Body Polishing Oil is a lightweight, non-sticky oil that gives the skin a healthy sheen and is packed with pure Arabica coffee and vitamin E. To stimulate your senses, it also emanates the aroma of freshly ground Arabica coffee.

5. House of Ayurveda Everyday Body Oil

Use this vitamin-rich body oil to soothe dry, irritated, or flaky skin. Since it contains so many oils—jojoba, olive, safflower, avocado, and argan—it is incomparable to skin that is too dry. Further, its fast and absorbing nature makes it perfect for everyday use.

What are the benefits of body oil?

Body oils work wonders for reducing dry, scaly skin that is brought on by harsh cleaners, hot showers, and changing weather.

  • An excellent body oil helps to seal in moisture and hydrate the skin. Oils soak rapidly and don’t leave a greasy residue, unlike popular belief.
  • Body oils are a cost-effective addition to any cosmetic collection because of their versatility.
  • In addition to rubbing oil all over your body, you may also use a few drops in your bath, soften cuticles for a mani-pedi at home, or apply it as a calming massage oil.
  • It is even believed that some oils can reduce the visibility of stretch marks, heal scars, and calm sensitive skin.

What is the difference between body oil and body lotion?

Body lotion and oil are both excellent for giving you softer, more radiant skin. However, maintaining moisturised skin extends beyond how it looks and feels. Keeping your skin hydrated is important for general health as well because your skin serves as a barrier to protect the rest of your body.

It is especially crucial to moisturise your skin during the winter months and in arid locations, or if you already have a skin barrier-compromising condition such as psoriasis or eczema. Compared to body lotion, body oil is heavier and thicker. It helps to keep moisture in by forming a barrier on the skin’s outermost layer. On the other hand, body lotion has a thinner consistency and is lighter. It can aid in softening and calming dry skin.

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