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Drinking milk is not just good for bones and teeth, but skin too! Know why

Do you drink at least one glass of milk every day? Your skin will thank you for it because it contains all the nutrients you need for beautiful skin. Here are all the benefits of drinking milk for the skin.
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Benefits of drinking milk for skin. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Arushi Bidhuri Published: 25 Sep 2023, 08:59 am IST
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Raise your hand if your mother or grandmother always asked you to drink milk while explaining the many benefits it has for your health. Rich in several nutrients, milk is touted as a boon for your bones and teeth, but did you know it can be beneficial for your skin as well? That’s right, there are benefits of milk for skin that you might not be aware of. In fact, even studies have found that milk is good for your skin.

Having said that, let’s break down the benefits of drinking milk for skin and know how you can benefit from it.

What are the benefits of drinking milk for skin?

If you drink at least one glass of milk every day, you are doing your skin a favour. How? Yes, there are positive effects of including milk in your diet and you should definitely make it a part of your life. Dr Vandana Punjabi, Senior Consultant, Dermatology, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital, explains all the benefits of drinking milk for the skin.

1. Milk is abundant in nutrients

Calcium and vitamin D are two of the most important nutrients that help the skin look beautiful, and milk contains both. Drinking milk can provide these nutrients that not only benefit the skin but also boost your overall health.

milk benefits for skin
Drinking milk can benefits your skin. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Milk contains retinol

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has anti-ageing properties and even helps ward off acne. In simple words, it is great for your skin. Milk contains retinol, meaning it has anti-ageing properties that can help slow down the signs of ageing.

3. Milk can make your skin glow

Antioxidants prevent or slow down the signs of ageing and cell damage, making your skin look beautiful and radiant. Milk contains antioxidants that help the skin restore its natural radiance, making it look healthier and glowing.

While there are many benefits of milk for the skin, you have to be careful of what you are drinking for your skin or overall health. People with an underlying condition need to be more careful about what they use.

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Are there any side effects of drinking milk for skin?

Nothing comes without a downside to it, and milk is the same. While it contains a lot of good properties that can benefit your skin, there are certain side effects of drinking milk for the skin that you must be aware of.

Dr Punjabi says there are multiple scientific studies that provide evidence of a positive association between milk consumption and acne risks. Another reason why milk could be problematic for people prone to acne is due to the changes it causes to your hormones. Ingesting dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, and more stimulates hormones such as insulin, insulin-like growth factor 1, and androgens which can cause acne.

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A woman with acne on her face
Drinking milk may not be such a good idea for people with acne. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

The expert also highlights that certain fermented products such as yogurt are a natural source of probiotics that help promote intestinal health and in the treatment of many skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. But milk on the other hand could aggravate certain problems.

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So, people who are prone to acne should avoid drinking milk or ask their dermatologist to know the side effects of it. Individuals aged 7-30 years are more prone to such problems.

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