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Got saggy skin and wrinkles in your 40s? These anti-ageing treatments may be fit for you

As you turn 40, the dreadful journey of skin ageing commences. However, these anti-ageing treatments may provide respite.
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Try an anti-ageing massage to bring back life to your skin. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 5 Apr 2022, 15:10 pm IST
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As we age, there are many problems that women start to see, especially on their face. Ageing is inevitable, but proper care and advanced anti-ageing treatments may make your appearance youthful and bright. The two main issues that women in their 40s undergo are sagging and loss of volume. Plus, there are wrinkles on the forehead and side of the eyes that give a tired look to the face.

However, certain scientific advancements have made anti-ageing treatments accessible and effective too. To know more information around them, HealthShots spoke to Dr Parag Telang, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, practising in UAE and India.

“This loss of volume causes the face to look droopy. The options to restore volume are either HA ( hyaluronic acid) fillers, which are a gel-like substance or our own fat. These HA fillers last for 10-12 months and slowly dissolve in the body and need to be done again. Fat remains for 3-4 years at least and gives very good improvement in skin texture as well!” says Dr Telang.

Sagging and its anti-ageing treatment:

Sagging happens as we age due to tissues losing their tone. There is a constant process of skin sagging that starts from the 30s and goes up as we age. The latest treatment option for correcting the sagging is by use of COG threads. These threads are made of a dissolving material called PLA which remains for 1.5-2 years. This thread lifting is done under local anaesthesia and needs only 2-3 days’ recovery time.

“For advanced sagging of the face in older people, we have to do a surgery called facelift and necklift. This gives very good improvement in facial appearance and makes a person look 15-20 years younger. Though surgical procedures have a downtime of 3-4 weeks for recovery, the result lasts for many years,” says Dr Telang, who is also the Director of Designer Bodyz Centre for advanced cosmetic surgery, Mumbai.

skin tightening
Tightening your saggy skin is possible with these advanced treatments. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Wrinkles and its anti-ageing treatments:

Wrinkles are caused by the action of specific muscles. These can be eliminated by an injection of botulinum toxin ( Botox) in specific areas. It keeps you looking fresh and young much longer. It can also prevent or push back a facelift for decades—especially when combined with a good sunscreen and skincare regimen. This remains effective for 6-8 months and then needs to be repeated. These injections are very safe and give a good anti-ageing effect due to loss of wrinkles.

Nano fat and PRP for Anti-ageing:

The latest advances in anti-ageing are Nano-fat injections and Platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP Microneedling along with PRP rejuvenation. The treatment increases your natural collagen which helps firm the skin, fine lines, and sun damage. It has been a game-changer for the patients in their 40s that desire a long-term investment into their skin health. Our own fat and blood have a lot of regenerative cells.

“In Nano-fat treatment, a small amount of our fat is removed using a tiny needle, it is processed and the concentrate is injected in specific areas of the face to improve wrinkles, sagging and under eye dark circles. Similarly, our own blood can be processed to get Platelet rich plasma ( PRP) and inject this in specific areas of the face for anti-aging effect,” says Dr Telang, a specialist plastic surgeon with a DHA and HAAD license.

Aptos threads for collagen production:

Aptos threads are a great treatment to rejuvenate skin. When placed superficially, the threads act as a support system for thin or sagging skin while promoting collagen production. The threads also can improve redness and brown spots. In addition, threads can be placed anywhere on the face, neck, or chest. In combination with deep threads, which lift without adding volume, it can make a huge difference for over 40 skin.

From increasing collagen to improve your skin appearance, these anti-ageing treatments may work wonders. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Skin resurfacing:

Fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing is another one of the most popular anti- ageing treatments. This treatment literally erases wrinkles. It helps to treat sun damage and collagen formation and gives you better-looking skin. It helps the skin look younger after 40.

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There are a lot of advanced laser treatments, face tightening machines such as HIFU ( High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) and Ultherapy which also give a good effect on skin laxity. Ultherapy works best for the loose skin on the neck and jawline that is just starting to sag. It’s an ultrasound treatment that tightens existing collagen and promotes the growth of new collagen. It has zero downtime. Some patients repeat the treatment every one to two years to keep their skin firm and tight. Which treatment is suitable for a person can be checked by their cosmetic plastic surgeon and a customised treatment plan can be made for best results.

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