Add a hint of pink to your cheeks and lips with this DIY beetroot tint

Published on:15 August 2021, 15:00pm IST
Beetroot has multiple benefits for your skin. Prepare this beetroot tint right at home to look gorgeous and nourish the skin, all at the same time.
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Beetroots can be used to make a lip tint which can nourish and lend colour! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Beetroot has been known since time immemorial as a natural ingredient to provide colour to cheeks and lips. It’s a wondrous vegetable, with a rich nutritional profile. Beetroot-based beauty techniques can help you stay clear from chemical-based products, and provide you with long-lasting benefits for skin and overall health.

If you are looking to give a rosy tint to your cheeks and lips, then look no further because we bring to you an easy-to-make recipe for a beetroot tint!

Here’s how beetroot can benefit you

This vegetable contains a wide range of essential vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, folic acid,) and minerals. Beetroot helps in boosting cell health, metabolism, bone growth, skin’s glow, and immunity system. The antioxidant found in beetroots suppresses inflammation, moisturises the face, and helps give a rich radiance to the skin. Beetroot is known to ward off pigmentation of the skin, and the folate content helps remove impurities and dirt from the skin.

Beetroot can have multiple benefits for your skin! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
So, are you ready to make a beetroot-based tint from the comfort of your home?

Here’s what you need to make beetroot tint right at home

-1 large beetroot
-2 tbsp coconut oil

Here’s how to make and use a beetroot tint to give a radiant colour to your cheeks and lips

Step 1: Peel and slice the beetroot into small chunks. Be careful of stains, as beetroots can secrete deep rich colour, that can be hard to wash off.

Step 2: Boil the beetroot, and when it turns soft, let it cool. Add coconut oil to it, and then blend it using a processor/blender.

Step 3: Strain the beetroot juice into a container. The liquid should have a bright pink colour. Store the serum in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes. Now, your tint is ready to use!

Step 4: Apply the tint on your cheeks and lips, using gentle circular motions.

Look gorgeous and nourish your skin with the DIY beetroot tint. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Coconut oil also happens to be a fantastic ingredient that benefits your skin. It has antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms that cause infection. This characteristic is also useful for protecting the skin against acne, cellulitis, and skin infections caused by bacteria or fungi. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce chronic inflammation, in case of an infection.

Natural food extracts such as beetroot juice are a great way to add colour to your cheeks and lips. Regular application will help provide beetroot’s many health benefits to the skin and give your lips natural pink colour. Ensure that you store the tint in the refrigerator, and use it within 2 weeks.

So ladies, get ready to add that natural pink tint to your cheeks and lips, by using this easy to make beetroot tint!

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