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5 things that your enlarged pores are trying to tell you

Nobody, and we mean, nobody likes enlarged pores. But if you’re a victim of XL pores on your nose, cheeks, and more–then, this read is for you.
enlarged pores
Your enlarged pores have a whole lot to say about your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Kiran Sethi Updated: 8 Feb 2021, 09:27 am IST
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When you think of your skin’s biggest enemies, enlarged pores usually make it to the top of the list. Not only do they cause your make-up to slip off, but they also make skin appear uneven.

Large pores are caused by a variety of reasons–most of which are hard to change or control. But when smooth, even skin is your ultimate dream–it is important to understand the causes of large pores, and what you can do to reverse it. So, pay attention to your pores–they’re trying to tell you something:

1. You’ve got oily skin
Other than the perpetual coat of grease, oily skin also comes with the curse of enlarged pores. This is probably because the collection of excess oil, dead skin cells, and grime in your pores makes them swell up and appear larger. Fight back by ensuring you wash your face regularly with a gentle cleanser and use glycolic acid to remove grime and dead skin.

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2. It’s biological
If it wasn’t clear with the vast number of pore minimising face washes, men usually have larger pores than women. But women also go through major hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, puberty, and during the run up towards their periods–which can increase the appearance of pores. You can control this with a healthy diet and by avoiding grease-laden foods.

enlarged pores reasons
Your impending periods can increase the appearance of your pores.  GIF courtesy: GIPHY.

3. Your skin is maturing
The natural ageing process doesn’t just increase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. It also causes your skin to lose its elasticity–thereby making your pores appear bigger. Tackle this by starting off an anti-ageing skincare routine right from your mid-20s.

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4. The sun is wreaking havoc on your skin
There’s a reason we always advise you to wear sunscreen before you step out: excessive and prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can reduce collagen levels and elastin, and dehydrate your skin. It also causes the shrinking of skin tissue in the deeper layers, which stretch out your pores and make them appear larger.

5. Blame it on your ancestors
Large pores weighing you down? It’s highly likely you’ve got your parents or grandparents to blame. You may have inherited thick and oily skin from them, that can naturally cause your pores to appear larger. While this is usually non-reversible, you can always invest in the right skincare and pore-fighting primers to reduce their appearance.

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  • 54
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A widely renowned skin and cosmetic specialist in Delhi, she is a Columbia University graduate with an MD from the USA. She further studied in the UK and has a Masters in Dermatology Skills and Treatments and a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology and is also a Diplomate in Cosmetic ScienceShe is additionally American Board Certified with further certificates in Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Lasers and Laser Surgery, and a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, American Society of Dermatology, American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, European Society of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology, International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and IADVL among others. ...Read More

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