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Skincare combinations that can work wonders for your skin this spring and summer season!

It's springtime and soon it will be summer, which calls for a change in your skincare routine. Here are some skincare combinations you should try.
Dr Rinky Kapoor Published: 17 Mar 2023, 14:30 pm IST
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Spring is in the air! The trees are changing colours, flowers are blooming, and you will notice that your skin feels different too. The sun is getting harsher, and heat and humidity will make their way towards hampering the skin… Well, if you don’t care. If you fail to switch from your heavy winter skincare routine to a light spring one, you could soon be facing the issues of acne, breakouts and dull skin.

This is the perfect time to amp up your skincare and go in for dermatological treatments like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. You can also help your skin be spring and summer-ready by using the right skincare ingredients. An intelligent combination of active ingredients can do wonders for the skin and even keep the signs of ageing away. To make the most of the spring weather learn to make the most of your skincare routine.

skin care routine
5 skincare combinations are best for spring and summer season. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Best skincare combinations that will work for your skin

The important thing to remember is to pair your skincare ingredients correctly together. Very few are power couples for the skin that might work and benefits your skin. The first trick, of course, is to not use all the products together. To maximise the benefits of the skincare ingredients, here are some important parings you should not miss:

1. Vitamin C with SPF

Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for skin care. It helps protect the skin from sun damage, fights the antioxidants, repairs the skin barrier, promotes collagen production, and acts as an anti-ageing ingredient. When combined with sunscreen, the two work to protect your skin from environmental damage and block the UV rays that filter through the sunscreen.

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2. Niacinamide with salicylic acid

Niacinamide is an important ingredient for fortifying the skin barrier and treating hyperpigmentation. Salicylic acid is what your skin needs to keep the breakouts away. When they are used together, your skin will benefit from reduced pore size, prevent acne breakouts, improve skin strength and work against the signs of ageing. Together they also improve collagen and elastin fibres giving the skin a youthful glow from the inside.

Best skincare combinations
Best skincare combinations are best for spring and summer season. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.

3. Retinols with peptides

Move the retinol to your nighttime routine during this time of the year. Vitamin A derivatives are the gold standard for home skin care because they treat everything from acne to ageing to fine lines. Peptides help skin cells rejuvenate and repair. Together they correct your complexion, make the skin tighter and give a smoother and plumper look to the skin.

4. Vitamin C and vitamin E

Vitamin C is essential for skin rejuvenation and protection, and vitamin E helps keep the skin supple. You can use them together to protect the skin from oxidative stress and maintain the suppleness of the skin, leaving you to enjoy the weather in its full glory.

5. Hyaluronic acid with exfoliating acids

Spring is a good time for skin repair, and the AHAs and BHAs do a great job of removing the top layer of the skin, making the new skin sensitive to dryness, and hyaluronic acid is a humectant that restores dryness. Hyaluronic acid recharges skin hydration and has long-lasting benefits for the skin.

Best skincare combinations
Best skincare combinations are best for spring and summer season. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.

Things to remember

When using new skin combinations, make sure you take your skin type into account. Always do a patch test first and start when using these combinations 1-2 times a week along with your regular skincare routine and slowly increase the frequency as needed by the skin. Do not over-exfoliate or scrub the skin, focus on good skin care every day for great results instead.

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