5 yoga poses to make you look younger than you are

Diet is not the only way to make you look younger than you are! You can also perform these face yoga exercises to slow down ageing.
Practice these face yoga exercises
Practice these face yoga exercises. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Nimish Dayalu Updated: 17 Oct 2023, 18:46 pm IST
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We love the glowing and toned skin after a facial! Ever wondered why it happens? Well, the technique used while giving a facial massage involves pressing pressure points on the face, neck, and shoulders, which enhances the natural glow of your skin. Fortunately, this is the same thing face yoga exercises can do also for your skin. It consists of a series of exercises and stretches for the muscles in your face. These activities can strengthen facial muscles, increase blood circulation, and result in fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Check out a few yoga poses to delay ageing!

Can face yoga make your skin look glowing and younger?

Face yoga increases skin elasticity, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, and promotes a young appearance. Additionally, face yoga can aid in lymphatic drainage, healthy breathing, headache and migraine management, and many other physical advantages.

The advantages of face yoga for mental health make it an appealing practice to acquire. Regular practice can help you be present at the moment, lower tension and anxiety, and even boost your self-esteem. So, begin your face yoga journey right away by performing this 5-minute routine, which is simple and easy to practice.

Here is a simple 5-minute routine of face yoga to slow down ageing:

1. Face tapping

It is the foremost practice that one should adopt in daily routine. Starting from the forehead, rhythmically tap your skin all over the face towards your jaw. This helps to soften, stretch, and strengthen your facial muscles. Perform face tapping for 2 minutes.

face yoga exercises
Regular face tapping can help you fight skin ageing! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Eye circle

Eye circle yoga exercise can boost oxygen circulation and alleviates puff. Start by placing your ring fingers at the inside of your eyebrows, then gently tap towards the outside followed by pressing your temples. Continue to tap above your cheekbones to the inner corner of your eyes. Practice it for 1 minute.

3. Forehead smoother

Forehead smoother lifts eyebrows, smoothen forehead lines, prevents eyelid droop and releases tension. Firstly, put the index and middle fingers of both hands on your forehead along the hairline and press the fingers’ length firmly down and slightly slide them lower towards your eyebrows while simultaneously lifting your eyebrows. Hold the pose for ten seconds while taking a deep breath. Continue doing it for 1 minute.

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4. Lower eyelid firmer

This exercise strengthens upper and lower eyelids, increases blood circulation, brightens skin, and decreases under-eye puffiness. To practice this, place your middle fingers on the inside corner of your eyes and your index fingers on the outside. Then, squint with your lower eyelids and feel the muscles under your fingers tighten. Repeat ten times while keeping the upper eyelids open and perform it for 1 minute.

face yoga exercises
Try this exercise and see the changes. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Regular and sustained practice will help you reap all the benefits of face yoga exercises to slow down ageing.

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Anyone can simply do face yoga in their free time because it is a non-invasive approach. Additionally, it is the most natural way to give your skin a long-lasting inside glow. All in all, face yoga is very beneficial for your skin!


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