5 bathing rules to follow if you shower a lot

Do you shower a number of times during the day? If so, try to live by these 5 bathing rules to reduce the negative impact of it on your skin.
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Avoid long hot showers Do these things if you have atopic dermatitis. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 21 Jul 2022, 08:59 am IST
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Do you bathe more than once a day? A shower can help some people stay alert and relax their bodies. In fact, according to a 2018 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, people who take regular showers or steam showers are more likely to be in excellent health, be stress-free, receive more rest, sleep better, and be happier. But that doesn’t imply you should take multiple showers each day. Your body may suffer if you do this. But fret not! If you abide by these bathing rules, your skin won’t be harmed.

HealthShots spoke to Dr Vinay Singh, Senior Consultant-Dermatology, Paras Hospitals, Gurugram, to understand how you can reduce the negative effects of over-showering.

Dr Singh says, “Despite the numerous advantages of bathing, many people take more than one shower per day. It is best to continue with appropriate bathing habits because this activity may be detrimental to your health.”

Here are 5 bathing rules to follow if you shower many times a day:

1. Bathe with hot water

Bathe every day in lukewarm water, regardless of how hot or muggy the weather is outside. “Taking a hot water bath causes your body to become hyperthermic, which means it warms up,” says Dr Singh. As a result, it can help relieve stiffness in muscles, reduce stress and pain, and relieve congestion. It can also help you get a deep sleep and cleanse your body even better. If you’re suffering from a cold and cough, take a bath with warm water.

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But avoid bathing in extremely hot water. Bathing in really hot water can damage your skin barrier, dry out your skin, cause rashes and irritation, and even cause your skin to split. So, take a bath in lukewarm or slightly warm water.

2. Keep your shower short

However, just because you have to take a bath every day in the summer or monsoon, doesn’t mean you should overdo it. The purpose of a shower is to hydrate and cleanse the skin, but taking a long shower can remove the skin’s natural oils and widen your pores, which can lead to dry, itchy skin. So, only take a bath for ten minutes at most.

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3. Be gentle

Taking too many showers might dry out and irritate your skin. Therefore, refrain from making things worse by forcefully using a loofah when washing. Even  drying your skin excessively might harm it or make it abnormally dry. Be nice; your skin deserves all the tender love and attention you can give it. To prevent the skin issues that frequent showers can bring on, use gentle soaps, bathing products, or body cleansers.

4. Moisturize

There may be nothing more crucial than moisturizing. As soon as you dry off, get a decent moisturizer and make sure to generously apply it all over your body. Many individuals opt to apply glycerin, which can also aid in retaining moisture in the skin. To moisturize your skin, you can also use home-based moisturizers like ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, etc., which are easily available. But make sure that the product is in its purest form and not adulterated.

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Moisturize your skin at least twice daily! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Clean up

Regardless of the weather, it’s imperative to clean the things that keep you healthy in order to prevent diseases. It’s crucial to regularly clean your bathroom, especially the drains, taps, and shower-heads. Dr Singh says, “You should also keep the soap dispensers and bathroom cupboards clean. Above all else, you should always keep clean anything that comes into regular and direct contact with your skin. You must often wash and dry your towels, as well as clean or replace your loofah, to stop the formation of fungi.”

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