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Restore the ‘spring’ in your skin with these expert-recommended tips

Is your skin ready for spring? If you are still relying on your winter skincare, switch to these spring skincare tips to avoid breakouts.
spring skincare tips
Give your skin some care! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Arushi Bidhuri Updated: 17 Oct 2023, 18:47 pm IST
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Gone are the days of cold, dry winter, and it’s time to renew and refresh your skin for spring. The breezy air may be pleasant, but you should be careful of the skincare products you use for your skin during spring. You definitely need to spruce up your skin care regimen and let go of all your winter skincare products. It is time to give your skin some love and replenish it after months of itchiness and dryness.

Healthshots asked Dr Rinky Kapoor, a consultant dermatologist and dermato-surgeon at the Esthetic Clinics, New Delhi, to share some skincare tips for spring.

Skincare tips for spring

Winter can be tough on the skin, so spring is the time when you get to lighten up and amp up your skincare regimen. It is the time to lighten up the skin and bring your A-game when it comes to sun protection. Dr Kapoor suggests making some small changes in your skincare routine will keep your skin healthy, glowing and radiant without any breakouts or dullness.

spring skincare tips
Spring skincare tips you should keep in mind. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

Skin care tips for spring

Here is a short guide to the skincare routine for spring:

1. Steer clear of thick and heavy foundations!

The heat and humidity of the spring do not work well with heavy foundations. Thick creams and makeup can cause blockages in pores and lead to breakouts. Switch to lighter products like a good BB or CC cream, mineral powder foundations and a micellar water makeup remover.

2. Switch the cream moisturisers for lightweight ones

Your skin will definitely thank you for this one! Heavy occlusive in winter protect the skin from dry winter air, but the same can trap dead skin cells in spring and make the skin look blotchy. Switch to moisturisers with hyaluronic acid, hydrating ingredients, and gel-based ones with ceramides, as they are quickly-absorbed by the skin and will not clog it.

spring skincare tips
Give some extra care to your skin this spring. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

3. Go for pro peels

Spring is a good time to see a dermatologist for a chemical peel treatment. It removes the dead skin, rejuvenates the skin, reduces blemishes and dullness, and lightens the spots by removing the top layer of the skin. They also help brighten and lighten the skin. Another benefit is that they trigger collagen production, giving the skin a long lasting plump glow.

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4. Don’t skip exfoliating the skin

During spring and summer, it is essential to exfoliate the skin as you tend to sweat more during these seasons. However, look for gentle exfoliating products containing fruit acids of grapes, papaya, pineapple, or pumpkin.

essential skin care tips
Give some extra care to your skin this spring. Image courtesy: Freepik

5. Add antioxidants to your diet

Sun is getting harsher every year, and so are the free radicals that simply wreak havoc on the skin. Add a dose of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and niacinamide to your daily routine. They will protect the skin from damage and also act as anti-ageing tools.

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6. Opt for an acidic or astringent cleaner

Astringent cleaner will help control the shine and keep the skin sweat-free. The hydrating cleaner is more suitable for the night routine.

7. Retinol is only for the nighttime

You should definitely add retinol in your skincare regimen this spring! Keep the frequency to only one to two times a week unless otherwise specified by your doctor.

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8. Keep a close watch on allergies

Puffy bags under the eyes might be because of pollen or other allergens, and they can cause more pronounced wrinkles. Or you might suffer from itchy skin because of the allergens in the air. Keep an eye out for the triggers and ask your doctor for preventative practices you can adopt.

9. Up your SPF game

The sun is intense, and sunscreen is what you need every day. The UVA and UVB rays damage you are ignoring today can have a cumulative effect on the skin later. Use a sunscreen of min 40 SPF everyday and reapply every 3 hours.

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10. Get a broad-brimmed hat

Wear a hat when you go out of the house. It will help protect the skin of your face and neck, and ears against sun damage.

skincare tips
Wear a hat to protect your skin from the sun. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

11. Clean out your cosmetics

Don’t try to use cosmetics that are beyond their shelf life. Also, the foundation you used in winter will no longer be of use, so throw it out. Instead, go natural and use hydrating masks, mists, etc., on the skin to keep it hydrated and fresh-looking at all times.

If you have skin concerns like eczema or rosacea, consult your dermatologist about a good skin routine, which will calm the inflammation and redness without being heavy on the skin.


  • 191
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