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These tried-and-tested ways of using green tea for skin will make you glow

We have all heard about the benefits of green tea for skin. Now it’s time to learn how to use green tea bags to reap them.
tea bags for puffy eyes
Tea bags are great to alleviate puffy eyes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 24 Jul 2020, 13:13 pm IST
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There is no denying the fact that green tea is a healthy beverage choice. It has always been hailed as the single solution for multiple health problems. But, did you know that the high concentration of antioxidants in green tea helps keep your skin healthy and glowing?

Several studies have proven that it’s anti-ageing properties remove toxins from the body that can help you look more youthful.  Apart from this, it’s anti-inflammatory properties can help in getting rid of skin redness, skin swelling, or irritation. 

But, ladies, if you don’t like the taste of it, you don’t have to sip on it to reap its skin benefits!

These three tried and tested ways of using green tea bags in your skincare routine can help you a great deal:

1. Slap it on your skin
Using a green tea bag dipped in water on your skin has a set of proven benefits such as soothing the skin, relieving irritation, and redness. You can always use the bag that you’ve used to brew your daily cup of green tea.

Green tea for skin
Don’t throw that tea bag as you can very well use it on your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Keeping the dipped tea bags on your eyes and relaxing for a few minutes is also a great way to bid farewell to those dark circles, by the way.

2. Freeze and use
You can freeze the dipped green tea bag, or simply let the tea bag sit in water for a few minutes and then pour the water into an ice tray, place it in the freezer, and make your own green-tea infused ice cubes!

This can help you get rid of any puffiness on your face and give you a brighter, even-toned skin. Doing so for 5 to 10 minutes at night can really give you amazing results.

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3. Add the leaves to a face pack
You can also cut open a new/a used green tea bag, scoop out the tea leaves and add it to your regular face packs such as the classic besan-curd combination or simply mix it up with tomato puree face pack that you use to get rid of skin tanning. The green tea will add that extra dose of brightness, nourishment, and glow to your skin.

Don’t throw away those green tea bags! Save them for your skin.

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