Say bye-bye to dark circles with these DIY hacks, courtesy a dermatologist

The hours you spend staring at your phone are the reason why you have dreadful dark circles. It’s time to remove dark circles with these expert-backed tips.
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Ageing is the biggest factor behind sunken eyes.
Team Health Shots Published: 2 Jun 2020, 19:35 pm IST
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Do you feel like your dark circles are slowly making you look like a panda? Not the adorable kind though! Well, turns out the lack of sleep is the main reason why you’re getting those pesky dark circles to begin with. And it’s time to slowly bid adieu to them, ladies!  

What are the other reasons for dark circles?
Interestingly, the hours you spend staring at your phone and laptop screens may actually have dark circles. How though? Well, staring at it for long hours often causes tired, itchy, and dry eyes. When you rub your eyes for some relief you end up with dark under-eye skin.

 Dr. Veenu Jindal, MD dermatologist, further states that high levels of stress can also lead to dark circles. Stress increases the levels of cortisol in our body which causes dullness and wrinkles.  

under-eye masks
Even expensive under-eye patches can’t do what these simple home remedies are capable of. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Additionally, an unbalanced diet and less water consumption increase the appearance of dark circles too.

Thankfully Dr Jindal is here to the rescue with some quick home remedies that can help you get rid of dark circles.

1. A cold jade roller shall weave magic on your under eyes
Using this Oriental skincare tool in an outward direction under the eyes can actually drain out the lymphatic toxins and fluid collected underneath your under-eye area, giving the appearance of dark circles.

2. Try the classic cucumber slices or grated potatoes
We are all aware of the phenomenal skin benefits cucumber brings. It is rich in antioxidants along with vitamins C and K. Vitamin C brightens the under-eye area while cooling it down. On the other hand, potatoes help reduce any blemishes and work wonders when it comes to making dark circles disappear.

Why opt for expensive under-eye gels when potato can do the thing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Trust rose water
Soaking a cotton ball in chilled pure rose water and keeping it on your eyes for 10 minutes every day. This simple trip will hydrate the skin and make it look healthy, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles.

4. Massage the under-eye area with oils
Gently massaging your under-eye area with a few drops of almond oil or vitamin E oil can help moisturize and replenish the skin of the lost moisture.

5. Try this DIY under-eye mask recipe
In a bowl, combine 2 tsp of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of raw milk, and half a tsp of lemon juice until you get a paste. Apply the paste to your under-eye area and rinse off after half an hour. Turmeric and lemon juice will brighten the skin; milk on the other hand will moisturise.

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under-eye masks
Bid adieu to your under-eye woes with these DIY natural masks. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

While nothing can substitute a healthy lifestyle and sound sleep when it comes to treating dark circles, these remedies come pretty darn close. Do let us know whether or not they worked for you in the comments section below.

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