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Refresh your skin with this vitamin C toner that you can make at home

Making your own vitamin C toner will ensure your skin stays hydrated, and gets healthy from the inside.
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Go the extra mile for your skin, and prepare your own toner! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 16 Feb 2021, 10:41 am IST
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Taking care of our skin usually requires a detailed skincare routine, every single day. Obviously, it is hard work and like many others, you might think ‘how about cutting a step or two to cut down on time?’ Usually, it is this chain of thought that makes us believe that cleansing and moisturising are important, but toning can  be left out, since it seems like a pointless step.

Well, you’re absolutely wrong! If you want skin that is healthy and glowing, a good toner is a necessity because:

  • It removes any dirt or extra oil that might be left over, giving you squeaky clean skin.
  • It balances the pH of your skin after a wash, making it more acidic and preparing it for improved absorption of a moisturiser. Hence, it makes sure you can reap all the benefits of a moisturiser.
  • It is a great way of adding potent ingredients such as antioxidants and anti-ageing agents to your skincare routine.

Let’s look at that last step. Adding an extra dose of goodness to your skin is only made possible by toners. In such a situation, you need to choose a toner that caters to your skin concerns. Unfortunately, the toner you find in the market will either have too much alcohol and prove to be too drying for your skin, or lack the potency needed to add that extra layer of protection.

That’s exactly why we recommend preparing your own toner! Honestly, one ingredient you need to add to your toner in order to make it effective is vitamin C. Not only is it an antioxidant that can repair your skin, but it also has anti-aging effects. From making your skin glow to reducing hyperpigmentation, it can make your skin healthy from the inside, which will definitely reflect on the outside.

Here’s how you can prepare a vitamin C toner right at home:

½ tsp vitamin C powder

½ tsp glycerine

½ tsp aloe vera gel

1 tsp rose water

Step 1: Mix vitamin C powder with rose water. Add aloe vera and glycerine to this mix. Make sure the vitamin C powder has completely dissolved in the mix.

Step 2: Pour this mix into a spritzer bottle.

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That’s how simple it is! Do make sure you don’t use this mix beyond a week, because vitamin C is unstable and gets oxidised easily, making it ineffective. Moreover, you can adjust the quantity of the toner, but make sure the vitamin C powder is in a 1: 4 ratio with other ingredients.

We’ve used glycerine and aloe vera, which are light and extremely hydrating for the skin. In addition, rose water is a great cleanser, which doesn’t just remove dirt efficiently but also is soothing for the skin.

So ladies, try to use this vitamin C toner every day to ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing!

  • 79
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