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Malaika Arora swears by this home remedy for acne and it just needs 3 things

If you’re on a lookout for a home remedy for acne, then learn what Malaika Arora uses for her skin.
home remedy for acne
Malaika’s secret to flawless skin, decoded. Image courtesy: Malaika Arora/Instagram
Meghna Kriplani Updated: 31 Aug 2020, 04:21 pm IST
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’Tis the season of pimples and zits. As much as we might have forgotten this (given that 2020 has been coronavirus season), the hard fact of life is that come monsoon most of us break out. And if acne has been gracing your skin, making the pandemic even more miserable—then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Let us rephrase that: Malaika Arora has the perfect home remedy for acne for you.

For months now, Malaika has been spilling the beans about her wellness mantras—be it yoga to stay fit or natural ways to detox—on her Instagram. Very recently, she shared a natural face pack you can make at home to fight zits. The best part? All the ingredients are already available in your kitchen, because it all takes it cinnamon powder (aka dalchini), honey, and some lemon juice.

Don’t believe us? Well, then check out Malaika’s video for yourself here:


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A post shared by Malaika Arora (@malaikaaroraofficial) on

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Here’s why Malaika’s home remedy for acne REALLY works
One of the major problems that people with oily and acne-prone skin face is that most topical applications end up being far too harsh. Which is why natural remedies are the first line of defence for many us. After all, haven’t we all tried to cure our acne as teenagers with multani mitti and sandalwood powder?

But what really makes Malaika’s home remedy for acne stand out is the combination of three potent ingredients that each have a different role to play when it comes to zapping those zits.

Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory agent, which means that it can tackle the redness and swollen bumps that are trademarks of pimples.

Honey offers anti-bacterial action, while sloughing off dead skin cells gently and nourishing the skin.

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Lemon works to control the excess oil production of the sebum glands, thanks to citric acid, and kills any bacteria that might be lurking around on your face.

home remedy for acne
Lemon can cleanse your skin really well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

That said, there is no one remedy suits all when it comes to acne
While home remedies for acne work brilliantly if excess sebum production and environmental agents are to blame for your pimples, if the problem is hormonal—like PCOS or endometriosis—these home-made solutions may not offer any relief.

In fact, they can react quite badly to your already sensitive skin. So, much like Malaika suggests in her Instagram post—if your acne is severe, please do consult with a dermatologist to find a solution that works from the inside out.

Also, before slathering on this anti-acne face pack on your face, please do a small patch test along your jawline to ensure that it suits your skin and doesn’t cause a severe reaction.

That’s it for today folks! For more such content, watch this space.

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