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Hydrate your skin and banish dryness with this DIY avocado and olive oil face mask

Avocado and olive oil face mask can provide your skin with the moisturisation it needs, treating issues like dry skin, acne and fine lines.
face masks to prevent acne
Give your skin a spa treatment right at home, with this hydrating avocado and olive oil face mask!
Grace Bains Published: 25 Mar 2021, 02:28 pm IST
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No matter how many products we apply to our skin, there’s nothing that can beat natural ingredients. After all, they ensure you get a healthy glow! You see, natural ingredients have no chemicals, and we can pick and choose which ones we want to apply. Above all, chemical-based products can leave your skin feeling extremely dry. So, how about going au naturel to hydrate the skin? We think it’s a great idea!

When it comes to prepping up a homemade face pack to moisturise the skin, picking out the right ingredients is extremely important. For the purpose of hydrating your skin, there is practically nothing better than avocados and olive oil.

Here are the benefits of this homemade face pack

Avocado is already famous in the fitness world, because it is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. But, not many know it can be extremely helpful, when it comes to skin care as well. It contains powerful antioxidants, omega-9 and vitamins C, B and A, which can prove to be a boon for your dermal health. Moreover, avocados can deeply moisturise the skin, while also combating the action of free radicals. This means that applying avocado on your skin topically can lead to long-term benefits such as reduced fine lines, a delay in signs of ageing, protection from the sun and reduction in acne.

Olive oil, an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, is also known to have positive effects on the skin. You see, it’s rich in antioxidants, which can help you delay signs of premature ageing and at the same time, reduces the appearance of fine lines. In addition, it also has antibacterial properties which can protect your skin against breakouts and infections. To top it all, its moisturising ability is unmatched and can provide your skin with the hydration it needs in order to stay healthy.

No wonder, there are many who swear by these two ingredients, when it comes to skincare! Here’s how you can make an avocado and olive oil face mask right at home.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

-2 tsp avocado, grated

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– 1 tsp, olive oil

– ½ tsp besan

Home-made face pack
Learn how to make these simple face masks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the avocado and olive oil face mask:

Step 1: Grate the avocado. You can also blend it in an electric mixer for a smooth paste, which will make application easier.

Step 2: Add olive oil and besan to the avocado. Mix the ingredients together, till you get a paste-like face mask. Adding besan won’t just help you set the consistency of this face mask, but will also prove to be useful in exfoliating your skin. 

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Your face mask is ready!

Here’s how you should apply this natural face mask to reap the benefits of avocado and olive oil:
  1. Cleanse your face properly.
  2. Apply the face mask, and massage it on the skin for three to five minutes. It will allow your skin to absorb it.
  3. Now, allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Wash it away with lukewarm water! Avoid using soap because it might strip your skin off moisturisation.

So, ladies, give your skin a spa-like treatment right at home with this face mask!

  • 68
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