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I’m high on this glycerin serum as it helped to treat my dry skin within a month

This is an ode to dry skin! Because with this glycerin serum, I’m not going to don it anymore. Phew, I’m so relieved!
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Glycerin serum on, dryness gone! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 7 Dec 2021, 11:58 am IST
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Well, I love winter to the T. Comfort food, chilly weather, snuggling in that warm blanket, wrapping your palms around that warm mug of hot chocolate… waah! I mean too good. But with all these amazing things come certain pain points, and that truly makes me hate this season. Yes, you guessed it right – it’s dry skin.

Chapped lips, flaky skin, dullness, and pigmentation – I mean you name it and I have it. Trust me, even those organic luxury brands that we die for couldn’t help my skin dryness. In fact, the dryness had extended to such a level that my eyebrows were covered with dandruff-like flakes. Yes it was that severe and I was in dire need of a solution.

I gave almost all kinds of home hacks a shot, but out of those 100s of hacks, only one can be termed as the ultimate winner. It is now my winter go-to skincare product and it hardly cost me 200 bucks.

Glycerin for dry skin
Dull and dry skin can lead to early ageing. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Guys! Presenting to you my very own DIY glycerin-lemon-rose water serum.

Why glycerin?

I know you might be wondering why I decided to apply such a sticky thing on my face. Well, if you have dry skin, you won’t say that at all. That’s because the concoction you will learn to make here will make it non-greasy.

During winter, we don’t have an option when it comes to bathing with warm water. That makes your skin even more dry, and then you know what the cold weather can do! This is exactly what led to lack of moisture in my skin. When I started using this glycerin serum, it helped in retaining moisture in the skin and that’s how my skin felt nourished!

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Here’s how you can make your glycerin serum


100 ml glycerin
2 tbsp lemon juice
30 to 40 ml rose water
10 drops of vitamin E oil
250 ml bottle for storage

Glycerin for dry skin
Rose water is the drink your skin needed the most. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Step 1: Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients until they get infused properly with each other.

Step 2: Store the mix in a bottle and keep it in a cool place.

Apply this serum post a bath and before sleeping for best results.

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Here’s how glycerin helped my skin in just a month

  1. No more morning dryness

    Earlier, after waking up every morning, I would see dry patches around my mouth and nose. But not after glycerin has become my daily night serum.

  2. My dark circles are leaving my eyes alone

    This is majorly because of vitamin E and lemon juice (that has vitamin C). Both these ingredients are highly nourishing and are loaded with antioxidants.

  3. I saw a stark change in pigmentation

    Thanks to lemon juice, which is an all-time hack to get rid of patchy skin.

  4. My skin is softer than ever

    Glycerin and rose water are the best things to apply to your skin, if you want it to be baby soft. It works even better than malai or milk cream, because the latter can lead to breakouts but this won’t.

  5. It makes sure your skin is hydrated

I always used to wonder why hydration is such a big deal. For the longest time, I believed that drinking water was enough. But no, you need somethin extra. This is when I realised the importance of rose water, and I added it to my DIY glycerin serum. I can’t be more thankful for this!

Glycerin for dry skin
Get soft and glowing skin with this homemade gycerin serum. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The last word

So girls, this is the most sasta-badiya-tikau skincare serum you can use during the winter season. In fact, my mum applied it on her cracked heels and they are doing just fine in only a month’s time. What more do I want?

Try it out and I’m absolutely sure that you are going to be a jabraa fan of this DIY glycerin serum.

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