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From long lashes to glowing skin, here’s how you can use aloe vera gel

Everybody swears by the benefits of aloe vera gel for the skin. Here, beauty expert Shahnaz Husain tells you four fresh ways to use this wondrous ingredient.
aloe vera for skin
Use aloe vera gel to make this night cream! Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
Shahnaz Husain Updated: 8 Feb 2021, 09:24 am IST
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Aloe vera is an out-an-out solution for all your beauty needs.

Among the many plant-based ingredients that are used today for skincare products, aloe vera is by far the most versatile. Aloe vera’s starring quality is its ability to heal wounds, burns, and eruptions. Aloe vera gel is a powerful natural moisturizer and prevents moisture loss.

In fact, it improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It also softens dead skin cells and removes then, making the skin smoother and brighter. Since it’s a powerful antioxidant, it also delays visible signs of aging on the skin.

Anyone can use aloe vera gel
Whatever your skin type might be, aloe vera can be your bae. Aloe vera has shown remarkable results on sun-damaged skin—moisturising, soothing, and healing it too. And not just that, it can also be used to control acne and minimize acne scars. No wonder that many skincare products including cleansers, moisturisers, serums, gels, and masks make use of this magnificent ingredient.

Aloe vera can be easily grown in your adobe, then why opt for packaged gels?
Give this humble plant a home and reap its benefits forever. It can be easily grown in the smallest of gardens and incorporated in your skincare routine.

Now that you know, here we bring to you four mind-blowing ways to use aloe vera every day for luscious-looking skin

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aloe hair benefits
Image courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Aloe vera serum to protect your skin from sun damage
Serums are typically water-based formulas. Since, aloe vera also has high water content, and is naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants–it can rejuvenate your skin and improve it texture too. Regular use of aloe vera as a serum can make your skin radiant and youthful. Moreover, it can also protect your skin from the harsh UV rays to the sun.

How to apply: Slather on aloe vera juice twice on your skin daily after cleansing. Wash it off with plain water after keeping it on for half an hour.

2. Aloe vera for longer lashes and healthier brows
Who doesn’t want eyes that can actually cast a spell. We all do that right? And aloe vera will help you out in this too.

Scanty eyelashes and brows can be problematic and aloe vera gel is said to nourish eyelashes and eyebrows by enhancing their growth. You can apply aloe vera gel on your eyebrows and eyelashes using a cotton bud. Or, you can use a clean mascara wand and use it to apply aloe vera gel on the eyelashes.

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skin benefits of aloe vera
GIF courtesy: GIPHY

While you can leave the gel on your eyebrows overnight, it is better not to follow suit for your eyelashes as it can lead to puffy eyes the next morning. Add a few drops of olive oil to the aloe vera gel, and apply the mixture on your eyelashes. Wipe it off gently with moist cotton wool after 15 minutes.

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3. Aloe vera is a wonderful addition to face masques
Mix one tablespoon of gram flour (besan), two teaspoons of yogurt, and one tablespoon aloe vera gel. Combine this mixture well and apply to your face and wash it off after 30 minutes for supple-looking skin.

skin benefits of aloe vera
GIF courtesy: GIPHY

4. Make a DIY anti-acne spray with aloe vera
It’s time to bid goodbye to acne! All you have to do is take 40 ml of mineral water, three teaspoons of aloe vera gel, and two drops of tea tree oil. Combine the ingredients in a small spray bottle and shake it well. Spray generously on the areas with acne. Please avoid your eyes. Let your skin absorb it and ta-dah you are sorted, my dear.

Word of caution: While aloe vera plants are an inexpensive source of aloe gel and juice, please wash the leaf well and ensure total hygiene before using the pulp.

Who said it’s going to be an expensive affair if you want to keep your skin ageless and beautiful forever. Aloe vera has just debunked this myth for you.

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About the Author

Shahnaz Husain is the founder, chairperson, and managing director of The Shahnaz Husain Group and is considered a pioneer in the realm of herbal beauty in India. ...Read More

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