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From fixing acne to glowing skin, these 6 benefits of multani mitti are too good to be true

Our mothers and grandmothers have often advised us to use multani mitti for skin care as well as soft hair. Here are five reasons they’re absolutely right!
benefits of multani mitti
Mumma and dadi have always been right! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 20 Jun 2020, 05:21 pm IST
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Do you remember your childhood days when you’d come back from school and your mommy or dadi would apply multani mitti paste on your face or hair—with or without your willingness to let them do so?

Surely, you didn’t value their efforts back then and even underestimated the power of a rather modest resource like multani mitti, but it’s time to change that view because you know what? Fuller’s earth, a.k.a. multani mitti in the desi language, is just the home remedy ingredient you need to address all your skincare woes—especially in the summer season.

Check out the six proven benefits of multani mitti for your skin and hair if you still don’t believe us:

1. It’s the skin-friendly exfoliant of your dreams: There’s no denying the fact that granulated scrubs can get rid of the dead skin cells from your face when rubbed gently on the skin. However, there’s also no denying the fact that these scrubs can irritate your skin—especially if you’ve got a sensitive one—thanks to the friction or the sheer harshness of the granules that your skin just can’t bear.

Enter fuller’s earth to the rescue! According to a study published in The Open Dermatology Journal, multani mitti helps get rid of dead skin cells accumulated on the top layer of the skin and thus, leaves your face looking radiant and brighter almost instantly. Basically, there’s no scope of irritation from scrubbing. Just apply it, leave it on, wash it off once it dries, and tada!

2. It can soothe your skin like no other: Stepping out in the scorching summer heat means returning home with a couple of sunburns and skin tan no matter how many layers of sunscreen you put on to your face.

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benefits of multani mitti
Let’s protect our skin from sun burns with multani mitti. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

However, applying multani mitti on your face can solve this problem because it has soothing and cooling properties that can heal the burns. That’s not it. Its gentle exfoliation will also help you get rid of the tan. So, make sure you wash your face with fuller’s earth or simply apply it as a face pack made by mixing the powder with water or rose water for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

3. It can help clean up your scalp too: Summers often cause excess oil and dirt accumulation on the scalp. The result? Dull, oily hair and dandruff.

benefits of multani mitti
Give your scalp a thorough exfoliation with natural multani mitti scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Apply multani mitti on your scalp once or twice a week and you’ll be just fine because it’ll absorb the excess oil on your scalp along with removing the dead skin cells, allowing it to breathe so that you can flaunt a healthier, voluminous mane even in the scorching summer heat.

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4. It can help you fight acne, blackheads, and whiteheads: Many studies have proven that multani mitti possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can work well on any inflammation on your skin such as that caused by acne.

benefits of multani mitti
Pimples not sparing you alone? Know that multani mitti is here for your skin’s rescue. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Add to that, its tendency to soak excess oil from the skin, and poof! Your acne, blackheads, and whiteheads which are caused due to excess sebum (natural oil produced by your skin’s oil glands) will magically disappear with regular use of multani mitti—especially during the hot, humid, and super-sweaty Indian summer.

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5. It can give you an even-toned skin: Due to the exfoliation powers vested in fuller’s earth by Mother Nature, it can give you an even-toned complexion by lightening pigmented areas on the skin and kickstarting a super-effective scar-healing process on your face.

benefits of multani mitti
for healthy glowing skin, use the magic of Multani mitti. Image courtesy: GIPHY

6. It can give you a youthful glow: Thanks to the oil-absorbing powers of multani mitti, it can soak up the extra oil from your skin’s pores and thus, shrink the pores’ size which will give you a tighter, firmer skin that can make you look younger.

Clearly, mom and grandma have been right. The add-on benefit to multani mitti is that it is easily available and comes at super affordable prices! Go get some and be prepared for the summer months.

  • 101
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