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Dry and frizzy hair? Try using chamomile for hair strength and shine

hair serum
Hair care serum using chamomile will treat all your hair problems! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Neha S Arora Published: 9 Apr 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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Is oiling, conditioning, and shampooing your hair enough for you? Does your hair care regime resolve all your hair concerns? Do you have a protective shield for your hair? If not, you must try to include chamomile for hair care. Amidst this fast-paced life, sedentary lifestyle, and damaging impact of pollution, dust, and dirt you certainly need a healer and protector.

What does a chamomile hair serum do?

A chamomile hair serum will coat the surface of your hair to ward off harmful effects of pollution, sun, dust, dirt and damage. It penetrates the hair cuticles and refurbishes the structure of your hair. It stays on your hair all day to shield it from harmful effects of the environment thereby adding a gleam and luminosity to your hair. It works on the surface level of your hair, unlike oil.

Let’s take a glimpse at benefits of chamomile

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) is a popular and well-researched medicinal plant species from the Asteraceae family, often referred to as the “star among medicinal species”. It has gained tremendous significance as it is used as a medicinal plant in folk and traditional medicine. Several researches indicate its multi therapeutic, cosmetic nutritional values and multifarious usage solution to many skin and hair related issues.

Following are the benefits of chamomile hair serum:

1. Frizz-free hair all day long

The balancing properties of chamomile keeps your hair hydrated and well-nourished. It repairs dry and brittle hair. Besides, it detangles your hair and frizz free all day long. It adds gleam to your hair strands and makes them astoundingly manageable. Serum blocks the humidity from air while keeping the locks healthy.

apple cider vinegar for hair
Make this DIY chamomile hair serum to fight frizzy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstcok

2. Rejoice and flaunt the shine

It reflects light and gives you a polished look which makes your hair strands shiny and sleek.

3. Forget hair damage

Chamomile is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E and its antioxidant properties repair your damaged hair. The chamomile hair serum can penetrate deep from the hair shaft to the hair follicle to help repair damaged hair. Moreover, it forms a protective layer on each hair strand, strengthens hair structure and adds bounce and volume to your hair.

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frizz in monsoon
High level of humidity during the summer may cause more damage to your tresses. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Stave off environmental pollution

When you coat your hair with chamomile hair serum it protects your hair from external impurities and all kinds of pollution. It protects your hair from the stringent effects of harsh chemical treatments, changing weather and sun exposure.

5. Shrug off dandruff

Chamomile is rich in antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and it acts as a natural exfoliator, while removing dead skin cells and greasy build up on your scalp. It reduces itchiness, roughness and bacteria from the scalp. Your hair gets renewed with strengthened hair follicles.

6. Say goodbye to hair fall

The terpenes, flavonoids and sesquiterpenes in chamomile have healing properties which rejuvenates and repairs dead skin cells that ultimately boost your hair strength and prevent hair loss.

How to apply chamomile hair serum?

  1. You can only apply the serum on wet hair.
  2. Apply the serum after washing your hair with a natural mild shampoo followed by a conditioner.
  3. Take 2-3 drops of hair serum in your palms. Warm the serum in your hands for a few seconds by rubbing, and start applying gently on your hair and do not rub it.Suffice to say that chamomile hair serum can be your wonderful hair companion. It not only creates a shield around your hair strands but also heals and repairs your hair from all sorts of damages. So, reflect the shine with this hair serum and embrace the difference in your hair health.

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