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I applied malai on my face for 10 days and it completely wrecked my skin

Updated on:18 August 2020, 13:57pm IST
I believed all the beauty tips about malai I got without a doubt. But turns out, blind faith in skin care can give you acne.
Applying malai on your face might not be a good idea. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Whenever I’d complain about my dull and lifeless skin, my mum would be quick to tell me, “Beta, malai laga lo sab theek ho jayega”. After a couple of days, I decided to give it a try because it is my firm belief that my mother knows best. This time around, however, my belief was shaken given that I developed acne and patchy skin.

I applied malai to my face for almost 10 days. For the first few days, I was actually pretty happy because of all that shine and glow. However, what came afterwards was horrendous.

Pimples: The first thing malai had to offer my face
Urgh! How could I not see this one coming? It’s so humid outside that even dry skin feels oily. When I applied malai on my face, due to the high fat content, it created another layer of fat on my skin. Hence, my skin not only attracted dust but also got clogged. This ultimately caused acne.

When I got in touch with renowned dermatologist, Dr Nandini Baruah from Paras Hospital, Gurugram, she told me that our skin has a bacteria which is present in the dormant state called P. acne. When the skin is clogged, weather is humid, and sebum is not released from the skin through the glands, it becomes a perfect environment for the bacteria to flourish and lead to pimples. 

Malai for face
Pimples were not sparing me alone. All thanks to malai. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

 I literally got the shock of my life when she told me that malai is not absorbed by our face! Around 10% of it is absorbed and the rest stays on our face, attracting dust and other impurities.

Next came the patchy skin
Well, no one told me that I shouldn’t be going out after having applied malai to my skin. By the time the doctor told me, it was far too late because, by then, my skin had become patchy and dark. I was told that UV rays have a greater effect on oily skin which leads to major tanning and patchy skin is noticed around the T-zone area.

What came afterwards was the most shocking of it all: dandruff!
That was new for me. I have always thought that oil helps in getting rid of the dandruff but the doctor had something else to say. She told me that face skin and scalp impact each other as they have common glands. Since the face skin is oily, it makes the scalp oily. At times, this leads to fungal infection which further leads to dandruff. 

Finally, here are my takeaways
Yes, malai is good, but a few things will make all the difference. Next time, I’ll abide by these rules share by the dermatologist:

1. Never apply malai in the monsoon season.
2. Apply it once a week and not for more than an hour.
3. Never go out in the sun after applying it.
4. Wash it off with a proper face wash.

Also, watch:

So, ladies, please avoid making the mistakes I did. Malai can be great for the skin, if used correctly.

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