5 reasons why 90s kids have the most beautiful and thick hair

If you’re on a journey to achieve thick hair, these hair care tips from the 90’s still work better than any DIY’s and home remedies!
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5 hair care tips from the 90’s that can bless your mane! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 20 Apr 2022, 14:25 pm IST
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The 90s were a time that echoed the motto – ‘Keep it simple’ despite seeing the advent of a tech boom, and this counts for hair care too. There were no apps or websites that could give information on hair or skin care and people relied on age-old secrets and thick hair routines.

Shahnaz Husain, the beauty mogul, founder, and chairperson of The Shahnaz Husain Group, spoke to HealthShots to list some hair care tips from the 1990s that still work better at giving you shiny and thick hair.

Here are 5 great 90s hair care tips that are sure to give you thick hair and prevent hair fall:

1. Oil regularly

In India, oiling hair has been practiced since ages. The use of indigenously available oils like coconut and sesame on a regular basis was common in the 90s too – as serums or hair creams were not popular then like they are today. Oiling helps nourish the hair, right from the follicles to the tips.

“It helps in dealing with dryness caused due to pollution and weather change. Coconut oil is also known to have antibacterial and antifungal properties which aid in scalp health. So if you want to keep up the sheen of your mane, then oiling once or twice a week at least is the way to go,” says Hussain.

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Switch to your conventional hair oil champi to get thick hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Brush your hair before going to bed

Sharing her observation, Shahnaz Husain says, “If you closely and observe Bollywood movies of the 90s, you are sure to catch a scene where the heroine combs her hair in gentle strokes before retiring to sleep. Brushing your hair before bed is good to detangle any knots that may have formed. If this is not done, these knots can become split ends and lead to hair fall.”

Brushing hair is also good for the distribution of natural hair oils on the scalp from the roots to the ends. It can also help in removing any dust particles that may have caught on to your hair during the day.

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Brushing your hair before bed may increase blood circulation and give you voluminous hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Protect your hair by putting it up in a bun or braiding it

The bun and braid hairstyle was very popular in the 90s and for good reason. Braiding or plaiting hair helps to keep it in place. This is especially beneficial before you go to bed or before you undertake any strenuous activity. Braiding helps reduce coming in contact with objects that may cause damage in the latter case.

Keeping your hair in a bun is great during harsh summers as it is well-protected from the sun and also keeps your neck area free and cool. Friction between the fibre threads of the pillow and your hair strands is less when tied properly. This helps avoid damage to your hair.

4. Use herbal shampoo powders

In the 90s, shampoos were not as sought-after as herbal shampoo powders were. We are talking about herbal ingredients like amla, hibiscus and shikakai ground into herbal concoctions to be used as ‘traditional shampoo’. This trend is slowly coming back as more and more people realise the importance of Ayurveda in haircare.

amla reetha shikakai
Amla shikakai reetha have the power to strengthen your hair! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Such herbal shampoo powders are sulphate-free, silicone-free and contain only natural ingredients that will give you thick hair and prevent damage to your hair. Many combinations of these herbal shampoos can be easily sourced from an Ayurveda store or you can go the DIY (do-it-yourself) route too to get lustrous locks,” says Husain.

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5. Massage your scalp for better hair growth

Massaging the scalp regularly is another 90s hair growth hack. Getting your mother or your grandmother or any loved one to sit you down and give you a relaxing massage will not only contribute to your hair growth, but also calms your nerves.

If you feel stressed all the time due to work pressure or other triggers, you are more prone to hair loss. Massaging your scalp will help alleviate this problem altogether and you will also feel more relaxed and happy. Make sure to get a scalp massage at least four to five times in a week for optimum results.

Here’s why 90s’ kids are blessed with the best of the hair and experience lesser hair fall too. Follow these 90s hair care secrets and let them help you achieve thick hair.

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