Make a note of these simple and effective home remedies for flawless skin this summer

There’s nothing better than looking into your kitchen for good skin health! Read on to know some simple home remedies to get a healthy glow this summer.
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Dr Charu Sharma Published: 13 Jul 2021, 13:09 pm IST
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The Indian summer heat comes with the enticing promise of fun, frolic and mangoes! On the flip side, it also means that you have to take care of your skin a little differently than usual. Depending on where you live, the heat, dryness as well as humidity plays a huge role in the way your skin will react. The amount of exposure to the sun is also a significant factor in your summer skincare regime.

With covid-19 and the current lockdown, let’s have a look at what we can do for our skin from the comfort of our homes!

While homemade recipes are satisfying and great, you should use them with caution. You can be allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned below. We recommend that you always do a patch test on your arm before putting anything on your face. In the case of an allergic reaction, immediately seek the help of a doctor or dermatologist and do not try to treat it at home.

1. Hydrate from the inside out!

The most important thing to do in the summer, not just for your body but for your skin too, is to drink lots of water and fluids. The summer heat can be very dehydrating, and you need to replenish these lost salts and fluid with summer fruits like watermelon and cucumber. Try eating a lot of citrus fruits too!

home remedies for glowing skin
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2. Make a homemade cleanser

 A honey and gram flour cleanser is a great way to boost your skin’s health, with the absence of chemicals. Gram flour is a great exfoliant and very good for brightening the skin. Honey, on the other hand, is a natural moisturiser. Together, these two ingredients do a great job in cleansing your face!

Recipe: Combine honey and gram flour in a 2:1 ratio, and massage it onto your face. It’s best to use circular motion to get all the dirt out. Then, wash it off with warm water.

3. Try a face mist

A face mist is a fantastic product to have at your disposal in the summer. They can help with keeping your skin hydrated and cool. You can freshen up your face with a few puffs of your homemade face mist, and feel the cooling after-effects of its evaporation!

Recipe: Peel and chop one cucumber and blend it to a pulp. Strain the pulp and extract the juice. To this, you can add one teaspoon of aloe vera and half a cup of rose water. Mix the ingredients well and put them in a spray bottle. Voila! Spray it on your face twice a day, whenever your skin feels dry.

4. A homemade summer moisturiser

 You can make a great moisturiser at home with just aloe vera gel and water.  Aloe vera is a great ingredient to use, as it cools your skin and has a soothing effect.

home remedies for glowing skin
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Recipe: Heat aloe vera gel and water on a stove, until it forms a cream-like texture. When it cools, store it in a tight container and use it as a moisturiser.

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5. A coco-nutty facemask!

 You can make a great homemade face mask with coconut water! It is excellent to drink in the summer but also to use on your skin. Coconut has properties that soothe the skin and is rich in minerals. 

Recipe: Mix aloe vera gel into coconut water and apply it to your skin. When it dries, wash it off with warm water.

6. A de-tan pack

A simple yet effective recipe for helping with a summer tan is to use a combination of milk and saffron. Saffron provides a glow to your skin, while milk moisturises it.

Recipe: Half cup milk combined with two strands of saffron. Apply it to the tanned areas on your skin, and wash it off when it dries.

So, change up your summer skincare routine today to get glowing skin!

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