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Facing skin issues in winter? Fix them with these 5 home remedies

From dry skin to flare-ups, these are 5 most common winter skin problems that need your attention. Try these home remedies to cure them.
washing your face with soap
Follow these simple menopause skin care tips. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 18 Oct 2023, 10:54 am IST
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Winter brings with it dry and itchy skin. Additionally, a number of winter skin problems worsen as the temperature drops. Of course, using a quality moisturiser can help with such concerns, but when there are multiple skin issues, you also need different solutions. So, include these home remedies in your skincare routine to address issues like dry skin, acne, and many more.

Health Shots reached out to Dr Monica Chahar, Chief Dermatologist at Skin Decor, Dwarka New Delhi to find out a few home remedies for the most common skin conditions in winter.

Dr Chahar says, “The seasonal change in weather can be harsh for your skin and timely care helps to maintain soft and supple skin.”

Here are 5 winter skin issues and ways to solve them naturally:

1. Dry skin

While the cool winter breeze is soothing for the body and mind, it can leave your skin feeling dry and dull. To combat dry skin use a good moisturizer regularly. It can keep your skin soft and supple.

winter skin problem
Keep your skin moisturized and smooth. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Home remedy for dry skin: Use aloe vera gel! It acts as a great moisturizer and also keeps away acne and wrinkles on the skin, helping to keep your skin firm. You can also use turmeric. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help neutralize free radicals and works wonders for dry skin. Mix honey and turmeric and apply this mixture on the face once a week.

2. Damage from UV rays

It is commonly assumed that you can go away without sunscreen during the winter season as the sun’s rays are not very strong. But, mind you, this is far from the truth. Though you may think that the intensity of the sun’s rays is less during the season, it has the potential to damage your skin irrespective of your skin type.

Home remedy for UV damage: It is, therefore, important to protect your skin from UV damage during the winter also with the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Using sunscreen regularly can also reduce early signs of ageing and other concerns, besides maintaining a smooth complexion.

3. Winter flare-ups

If you suffer from skin issues like psoriasis and dermatitis, you need to remember that the cool and dry winter breeze can make your condition worse and lead to some major winter rashes as well.

winter skin problem
Acne on the face can be annoying! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Home remedy for flare-ups: Make use of natural oils like coconut oil, sunflower oil, or avocado oil in your skincare regime as they help you keep your skin hydrated for a longer duration. Also, remember to apply a moisturiser straight after your bath to avoid any kind of dryness.

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4. Flaky skin

Flaky skin is another common concern people face during the winter. No matter even if you are using a moisturiser on a regular basis, still you may notice dry cracks and flakes. Use a mild chemical exfoliator like lactic acid-containing face wash to remove the damaged skin and get rid of flakes.

Home remedy for flaky skin: A paste of oatmeal and milk will remove the dead skin from your face and make it more glowing and beautiful.

5. Chapped lips

Winter also results in dry, chapped lips due to lack of hydration. This can lead to cracks which can be unsightly and cause discomfort. You can use a good lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.

winter skin problem
Trust home remedies to keep your lips healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Home remedy for chapped lips: Apply ghee on your lips to keep them moisturized and nourished. Ghee can hydrate your lips for a longer period of time.

Other tips to keep winter skin issues at bay:

In addition to the above tips, you can try certain other things to keep your skin protected during the winter season such as:

  • Avoid taking long hot showers
  • Stay away from using harsh soaps
  • Keep your skin moisturised
  • Choose fabrics that allow you to stay comfortable
  • Keep yourself healthy with a proper diet and sufficient rest


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