5 things you can mix in water to make it a superb skin potion

For that inside out glow, your body needs some TLC. And for that, there is nothing better for this than drinking detox water!
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You can fight skin issues with a healthy diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 6 Jun 2022, 10:29 am IST
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Water by itself is a magical potion for the health of your skin. But making some extra effort for the sake of radiance does no harm! In our pursuit of effective skincare routines, we frequently overlook the importance of eating healthy in order to achieve an inside-out glow. That is why we are recommending detox water recipes today to help you achieve that glow on your face.

Detox water, considered the ultimate body cleanser and it improves skin elasticity and collagen production, reducing the appearance of ageing signs and making your skin look younger and plumper.

Health Shots spoke to Hari Lakshmi, Consultant-Dietitian/Nutritionist, Motherhood Hospitals, Chennai, about the ingredients which can be added to a glass of water in order to achieve glowing and radiant skin.

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Look gorgeous and nourish your skin with these detox drinks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Lakshmi says, “What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body when it comes to having great-looking skin. Water is fantastic for your skin because of its moisturizing properties, but why not make it work twice as hard for you by adding a substance to boost the benefits? If you want clear skin or want to avoid skin irritation, a few basic components from nature can assist.”

Here are 5 ingredients you can add to get that glass skin that all of us wish for:

1. Sticks of cinnamon

When our blood sugar levels rise to high levels, pimples and wrinkles appear on our skin. Cinnamon helps to maintain blood sugar stable, preventing these spikes, and lowering your odds of waking up with a huge pimple on your chin. Combining cinnamon sticks with water and allowing the water to infuse overnight also helps in achieving glowing skin.

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From weight loss to healthy skin, this simple cinnamon drink can help you out. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Lemons

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which promotes collagen formation. Adding lemon to your regular glass of water will brighten and clear your complexion while also keeping your liver healthy. And one of the key organs involved in keeping our skin healthy is our liver. So, whenever possible, squeeze a lemon into your drink!

3. Strawberry

When strawberries are mixed with water, the water absorbs part of the vitamin C and antioxidants in the fruit, providing your body with all of the glow-boosting nutrients. Moreover, strawberries’ salicylic acid also helps to reduce and fade hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the skin.

4. Mint

Mint or mint-infused water cools and soothes the body, as well as aids in the smooth functioning of our digestive systems. What is the role of digestion in skin health? When your digestive system isn’t working properly, other organs like your skin step in to help with cleansing. Taking up the slack causes your skin to feel (and appear) tired. To infuse your drink with mint, immerse some leaves in boiling water, then sift the leaves out and chill the water. This will also tone your skin.

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Include this aromatic herb in your diet right about now. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Ginger

Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory and digestive aid. When our digestive system is working properly, our face shows that. Plus, the anti-inflammatory characteristics imply that you’re less likely to get wrinkles, acne, and all the other skin problems that is so hard to deal with.


The importance of water in metabolic functions and the stomach-cleansing process cannot be overstated. Sipping one or two liters of water with some natural ingredients aids in the removal of all metabolic waste from the body, resulting in clean skin.

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