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Beat the summer heat with these 5 DIY cooling face masks for your skin

Say hello to summer with these 5 DIY cooling face masks that will help you overcome skin woes, and bring a glow to your face.
summer skin care
Cool down your skin with these masks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Aayushi Gupta Published: 22 Mar 2022, 12:50 pm IST
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Summer is finally here and we know it brings with it a lot of skin issues! There’s no doubt that in this season, you tend to drink a glass of chilled water or cool beverages to quench your thirst. But do you know what it can do to your skin? If you are wondering how to prepare your skin to beat the summer heat? Well, summer heat affects the skin in several ways, and to protect it from the harsh sun, you will need cooling face masks. What can they do to your skin? Read on to find out!

HealthShots spoke to Dr Monica Kapoor, a Celebrity Cosmetologist and Director at FLAWLESS Cosmetic clinics, to suggest some cooling face masks to keep our skin health in check even in the harsh heat.

Trust cooling cucumber to reduce your dark circles. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
These DIY face masks are all you need for crystal clear skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Read the benefits of cooling face masks:

* They will help you remove the tanning.
* These face masks are perfect for dehydrated skin to excessive oiliness.
* They will combat sun damage and protect your skin from UV rays.
* Cooling face masks are perfect for dry and dull skin because they’ll also help keep skin moisturized and glowing.
* If your skin is irritated and red due to the heat then these masks will help you sort this problem as well.
* These masks will also help keep your skin dirt, dust, and sweat free.

Use these 5 DIY cooling face masks to protect skin from the summer heat, suggested by Dr Kapoor:

1. Aloe vera and lemon juice face mask

Lemon juice effectively remove the grease while adding a fresh fragrance to the skin and aloe vera keeps the skin moisturised. To make this quick face mask, take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and add 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into it. Mix both the ingredients to make a paste and cover your face with this paste and wash after 20 minutes.

2. Cucumber and watermelon face mask

Both cucumber and watermelon are high water content sources which can keep your skin hydrated, moisturized and dirt free, keeping it cool and fresh. To make this face mask, take cucumber juice (or pulp) and watermelon fruit, and mix them with two teaspoons of powdered milk and one egg white. You can put the ingredients in a blender and make a smooth paste. After this, apply this paste to the face and neck area and rinse off with water after half an hour.

cooling face mask
Trust cooling cucumber to reduce your skin woes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Mint and multani mitti

Mint has cooling properties that help calm irritated skin while multani mitti will sap away excess oil from the skin. Take a bunch of washed mint leaves, grind to a paste. Take half a cup of multani mitti and add the mint paste to it to form a thin paste. Apply this paste on the face and neck area and wash when dry.

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4. Fruit Face mask

To make this mask, take fruits like banana, apple, papaya, watermelon and mix them together and apply them to the face. Keep it on for 20- 30 minutes. Papaya is rich in enzymes and helps cleanse dead skin cells, banana tightens the skin and apple contains pectin that helps cleanse the skin. Orange is rich in vitamin C and helps restore the normal acid-alkaline balance.

cooling face mask
This face mask will make your skin glow like a bulb! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Rosewater and sandalwood Face mask

Sandalwood had been an age-old Indian remedy for cooling the skin and bringing a glow to it. Rosewater has a refreshing quality. Take 2 tablespoons of pure sandalwood powder and make a paste by adding rose water to it. Adjust consistency and apply on the face for instant cooling and to revive dull skin.

The best part about these masks? They are easy to use and leave your face refreshed. Give them a try, ladies!

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