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4 absolutely-natural home remedies for blackheads to swear by

Blackheads are pores clogged with dead skin cells and dirt. You can get rid of them using these home remedies for blackheads, and achieve smooth skin!
home remedies for blackheads
A little change can go a long way to get rid of blackheads! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Updated: 9 Jan 2021, 10:28 am IST
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No matter how much attention we give to our skin, blackheads can appear and rob us of the dream of having a clear visage. But, why exactly do we experience blackheads? They primarily appear on the skin due to clogged pores. When a pore on the skin gets filled with dead skin cells and oil, it can end up appearing like a black spot on the skin.

Now, blackheads are not painful and do not cause any inflammatory discomfort, unlike acne, but they look like a patch of spots on the skin. The fact that they’re dark in colour can also cause your skin tone to appear uneven. Hence, it is important to deal with them effectively and on time.

There’s nothing more effective and safe than using home remedies for blackheads, especially when they come straight from your kitchen. Here are four natural solutions to get rid of blackheads and move a step closer to smooth skin:

  1. Green tea

A famous beverage, green tea is often also used as an astringent because of its ability to shrink pores. Apply it to the area affected by blackheads and you’ll see them disappear over time. Add a green tea bag to boiling water. Let the water cool down completely. Now, cut open the tea bags and apply the green tea leaves on the affected part of your face. Do this at least twice a week to see the results.

home remedies for blackheads
Get even-toned skin with these home remedies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  1. Baking soda

This one is a great exfoliator and manages to efficiently remove dirt from the pores of the skin. Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. Next up, wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the paste using cold water. Use this method once a week for clear skin!

  1. Honey

A famous kitchen ingredient that is often used in home-based beauty treatments, honey has antibacterial and exfoliation properties that fight the action of bacteria while also ridding the skin of dead cells and dirt. Hence, it is effective when it comes to getting rid of blackheads. After steaming the skin, apply honey on the affected area and cover it with a cotton strip. Let it stay till it dries and slowly peel off the strip.

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  1. Tea tree oil

Known for its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil also works towards shrinking pores. Hence, it can prove to be effective in preventing as well as getting rid of blackheads. You have to be careful while using tea tree essential oil though. Dilute it with a carrier oil to avoid harming your skin. Apply it to the affected area thrice a week and let it do its magic!

Use these home remedies for blackheads regularly and never be plagued by this skin problem, ever again.

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