3 DIY lip scrubs to get kiss-worthy lips!

Nobody deserves dry, dull and chapped lips. To rescue you, an expert suggests DIY lip scrubs to give your pout an edge!
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Team Health Shots Published: 20 Mar 2022, 18:39 pm IST
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We do everything to take care of ourselves! We pay added attention to our skin and hair. In all this, what get missed out are the minute, but important parts like the lips! People tend to highlight the lips as part of their make-up regime and expect a firm base for the application of lipsticks and lip colours. But for that, you need to pamper them. What’s better than some natural, DIY lip scrubs?

Lip scrubs are exfoliants for the lips which help in removing the dead skin and nourishing the new skin. While the market may be flooded with variants making tall promises, there is something else about homemade solutions.

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There are two components to a lip scrub – the exfoliant and the emollient which helps in nourishment and moisturising. Ruchita Acharya, founder of Glow and Green, suggests some easy DIY lip scrubs to soften and smoothen your lips.

Here, we bring to you three DIY lip scrubs:

1. Rose and milk lip scrub

We may know only of rose milk as utilization of rose, but it turns out we can do more with it! You can make a paste out of rose petals and milk. And you could even add a little bit of milk cream in it as well. The rose petals not only help fight the bacteria, but also in giving colour to the lips by helping remove the dead skin. The milk, in turn, soothes the skin and helps in brightening the lip colour. We could also use rose water with coffee powder as a lip scrub.

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2. Citrus lip scrub

Oranges are in town now! And while they are good at Vitamin C, their peels work wonders too. Drying the skin of oranges and limes becomes the key ingredient for this scrub! Add two spoonfuls of brown sugar or jaggery and drops of almond oil. Orange peel is good for discoloured lips and helps in lightening the lips. Almonds help in moisturisation and sugar helps in the gentle exfoliation.

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Don’t underestimate an orange peel! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Honey lip scrub

Honey is an excellent source of nourishment and moisturisation. It helps with cracked, chapped and dry lips. This can be used with other exfoliants like coffee, cocoa powder and pink Himalayan salt depending upon the availability. Coffee, being an excellent antioxidant, helps moisturize as well.

Try these DIY lip scrubs and see the difference!

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