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Winter hair care: Follow these 5 tips to nourish your tresses and keep it healthy

Whether it’s your skin or hair, winter calls for extra care. Follow these simple tips to keep your mane manageable and shiny!
how to protect your hair during winter
Take care of your hair with these simple tips. Image courtesy: Unsplash
Shreya Gupta Published: 23 Oct 2020, 13:08 pm IST
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Winter is coming and although we love the pleasant weather, it doesn’t spell great news for our hair! From dryness to hair breakage, winter brings with it a whole lot of problems, which is why it is important to exercise extra caution to stay protected.

Fret not! These five easy peasy tips can keep your mane nourished and healthy.

1. Do not wash hair frequently

If you’re someone who washes your hair every day or even alternate day, then you gotta drop this habit. Over-washing your hair, that too during winter, can strip the hair of its natural oil, and make it brittle and damaged. So, try reducing the frequency as much as you can to avoid any such situation.

hair wash
Just the right shampoo won’t make a difference, you have to rinse your locks properly too. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.
2. Apply a hair mask at least once a week

If you want healthy locks, then you need to put in extra effort. Nourish your hair by applying a hydrating hair mask once a week. Masks penetrate deeper and can reverse the effects of dryness, so it is suggested that you do not skip this during winters. Brownie points? It not only protects and nourishes your hair but also makes it soft and manageable.

3. Wash hair with lukewarm water

We know washing your hair during winter is a real task, and no matter how tempted you are to use hot water, please spare your hair from all the damage. Hot water can zap all the moisture from your hair, making it frizzy and dry, and more vulnerable to breakage. Washing your hair with lukewarm water is the best thing to do.

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4. Do not use a blow dryer

If it’s not urgent, consider ditching the blow dryer in winter. Let your hair dry naturally and limit the use of hair tools. That’s because blow drying your hair can make it more brittle and lifeless!

But if you still have to use the blow dryer, opt for the cool setting and do not forget to apply a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum before blow drying.

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5. Stay hydrated

We all are often guilty of drinking less water during winter, but make a point of drinking enough H20. Water is an essential component that keeps your hair hydrated and healthy. Drinking enough water will help to replenish the lost water content from your hair. This wll also help to prevent itchiness, irritation, dryness of scalp or dandruff. So it is a win-win situation!

So ladies, get ready to rock winter with healthy and beautiful tresses!

  • 71
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