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What are the best foods for healthy hair? Here’s a guide on hair vitamins and foods that you can get it from

With changing weather comes the struggle of taming your mane. Here’s a guide on hair vitamins and its natural sources to help you get those healthy locks.
hair fall in winter
It’s time to gorge up on all Vitamin E rich foods that gives our mental health all the love it needs. Image Courtesy : Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 11 May 2021, 02:32 am IST
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Folks, it’s time to face an unfortunate truth about your hair. It’s temperamental and can sometimes have a mind of its own! With the change in climate, temperature, and unhealthy external factors-you have to take a few measures to ensure that it stays healthy. 

According to Dr Soni Gupta, who is a Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Max Healthcare, you can use vitamins that can be sourced easily from fruits and vegetables. 

While some are excellent at keeping them shiny, others are better at encouraging growth and restoring hair strength. Food items such as carrots, citrus fruits, salmon, mackerel, and eggs can provide you with most of the necessary vitamins for a healthy head of hair. 

So without much further ado, let’s look at some of the essential vitamins for hair growth according to Dr Gupta, and where they can be sourced from –

Vitamin C is fantastic for hair growth
Brilliant against oxidative stress that causes hair loss, grey hair, and thinning, you will find Vitamin C in everyday food items like kale and cantaloupe.

home-made hair masks for summer
Get your hair ready for the summer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

This vitamin type fights off free radicals that result in severe follicle damage. It also improves collagen production in the body. 

The best source of this vitamin would be citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. Add it to your diet if you haven’t already. 

Keep the scalp moisturised with Vitamin A
Having dry and itchy scalp with dandruff problems is much more common than you might think. Vitamin A works against it and helps cells grow faster.

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Not only does it drive up hair-cell growth but also plays a significant role in helping the scalp produce “Sebum” which is an oily substance that keeps the scalp moisturised. 

You will find this vitamin variant in pumpkins, mangoes, and eggs. 

Say goodbye to brittle hair with Biotin
Biotin or B-complex protein is a member of the Vitamin B family (B5) as well. Touted as the best vitamin for hair growth, Biotin strengthens the keratin in your body (the protein that makes up your hair). 

While it improves the strength of your hair, it also undoes the damage done by dyeing and over-shampooing. Increase intake of foods like legumes, nuts, and sardines in your diet to get your daily dose of this vitamin. 

hair care hack
It is every girl’s dream to have shiny and bouncy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Caffeine is excellent news for your hair
If you love coffee, then this is probably the time when you rejoice. Who would have thought that something you enjoy can be useful for health as well? Targeting a particular hormone called DHT, caffeine arrests severe hair loss. It does this by coaxing hair cells to produce more ATP (a form of energy that encourages follicle growth). Studies have proven that caffeine helps in the management of Alopecia and promotes hair growth.

So before you rush to a pharmacy to pump yourself full of vitamins, head to the local market or retail store first, and begin your journey towards a healthy head of hair. 

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