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7 wet hair mistakes that can mess with your tresses

Do you often rough up your wet hair with a towel to ensure it dries up quickly? It is best to avoid such practices to ensure your hair health is in check.
wet hair tips
Watch what you do to your wet hair! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 17 Jan 2022, 09:00 am IST
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Our hair is susceptible to all sorts of conditions. Hair fall, dandruff, premature greying, thinning, split ends, dryness… the list is long. But it all boils down to some mistakes that we end up making unknowingly. Dealing with wet hair in ways we should not, finds its spot almost on top of that list!

Be it after stepping out of the shower, or unexpectedly falling victim to a sudden rainstorm, what we do with our wet hair plays an important role in its upkeep. It can even be damaging.

wet hair
Brush your wet hair at your own risk. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Dr Navnit Haror, Founder and Director of Derma Miracle Clinic, has shared some easy tips to ensure how you can avoid these common wet hair mistakes.

Common wet hair mistakes you must avoid

1. Avoid rubbing or scratching your hair when it is wet

One of the worst things you could do is rub or scratch your hair against anything, whether it be towels or clothes. If you are one who loves to play with their hair when wet, make sure you are doing it very gently. This will help reduce the amount of breakage that can occur. If you are experiencing a lot of knots or tangles, try using a comb instead of your fingers to take out any tangles or knots until it is fully dry.

2. Wrapping your wet hair in a towel

One popular way many people choose to dry off after washing their hair is by wrapping them up in a simple bath towel and sitting for 20 minutes before proceeding with the rest of their day. While this method may be quick and easy compared to other methods, it can also cause damage and breakage to the ends of your tresses if done too roughly.

3. Don’t rough dry

The best and most preferred way to dry your hair after washing it is using a blow-dryer with a diffuser – even during the winter! While it may take longer than wrapping your hair up in a towel, you will see that this method is less damaging and causes less frizziness as well. If you do not own a diffuser attachment for your blow-dryer make sure to use the low setting and keep the nozzle about 12 inches away from your head for optimal drying time, while flipping your hair up towards the nozzle for maximum airflow.

wet hair mistakes
Use the shampoo on the roots, but not conditioner! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Use towels made of microfiber

Using materials other than microfiber towels for your hair can cause your locks to become frizzy, tangled or worst of all – matted! Try using materials like silk instead to keep your hair shiny and less frizzy.

5. Do not use rough brushes

When our hair is wet, it is way more fragile than when it is dry. So, make sure you are using a good quality brush that will not cause any extra damage. Using brushes made of boar bristle or wood will help distribute the natural oils in your scalp evenly throughout each strand of hair, which helps prevent breakage and frizziness.

hair care tips
Avoid using heat equipments to style your hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Avoid heat

While many people may turn on their curling irons or straighteners when their hair is wet, many don’t realize the damage this causes. The best way to use heat on your hair is by applying it when it has dried up about 80 percent. This will help reduce the amount of breakage that occurs during this time.

7. Avoid using conditioner near your roots

One mistake many people make when washing their hair is to not only apply the shampoo to their roots but the conditioner as well. While this can be beneficial for some because it helps soften up and work through difficult tangles and knots, moisturizing too much in one spot can induce more oil production in that particular area. That leads to oily roots.

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The last word

A wet head of hair can be a frustrating experience. There are many reasons for why your locks may not cooperate, but the most common mistakes people commit when they’re wet include over-conditioning or neglecting to use heat protectant products in order to dry their hair with an iron.

If you’ve been doing everything in your power and still feel like you have no luck getting the style that works best for you, it could be because of these simple things!

  • 104
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