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Try hair slugging, the viral hair care method to repair dry and damaged hair overnight

Another addition to the viral hair care hacks is ‘hair slugging’. Here’s how it can be a game changer for your dry and damaged hair.
home remedies for smooth hair
Here’s an effective way to get rid of frizzy and dry hair. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 25 Apr 2022, 14:13 pm IST
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If you’re a follower of current beauty trends, you must be familiar with hair slugging. This latest social media buzzing hair hack claims to hydrate and revive your damaged hair overnight. It aims to combat frizz through a heavy dose of hydration and makes your hair healthy and shiny.

Dr. Kaustav Guha, hair expert and Director, R&D Division, SkinKraft Labs told Health Shots about how to get on this viral hair care trend called ‘hair slugging’.

What is hair slugging?

Just like skin slugging, hair slugging is the ultimate hair hydrating solution for damaged hair. It helps to lock the moisture, provides you with extra nourishment, and ultimately helps to get rid of your dull and frizzy hair.

“In this process, overnight application of nourishing products helps to strengthen your hair plus makes it thick and shiny. For ages, South Asian people have followed the similar practice of oiling their hair.” says Dr Guha.

Here’s how you can do hair slugging to treat damaged hair

1. Hydrating mask

Apply a hydrating hair mask, oil, or leave-in serum according to your hair type and needs. You can apply it all over your hair or just on selected drier areas like mid-length and ends.

2. Wrap it up

Protect your hair treatment product by wrapping it in a smooth fabric. Silk wrap can be a suitable option as it is less abrasive and reduces friction, preventing breakage or frizz.

Dr Guha shares a hack in case you don’t have a silk bonnet or wrap. He says, “If you apply the treatment on some portion of your hair, you can even use socks to wrap your slugging sections.”

3. Wash off

Next morning or after your nourishment session ( 2–4 hours), you need to wash your hair to remove the mask or excess oil. But if you are using lightweight hair oil or serum, you can just brush it out.

reverse hair washing
Keep a check on the number of times you wash your hair to prevent damaged hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s how to opt for the right products for hair slugging considering your hair type:

Slugging is not just about following the right processes but more to choose the right products for your hair. Before purchasing a mask, oil, or serum for your hair, you need to understand your hair type, texture, and current needs. Otherwise, your good intention to hydrate your hair can increase sebum levels and cause breakouts on the skin.

1. For Normal Hair

Start with normal hair; choose a regular oil — not too heavy or too light. Apply an adequate amount before bedtime, wrap with a suitable piece of fabric, and rinse it off thoroughly the next morning. This will hydrate your hair, protect it from any kind of damage, and improve the overall health of your hair.

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sesame oil
Oiling can put an end to all your hair woes. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. For Oily Hair

People who already suffer from greasy hair must not go for oil. You can go for lightweight leave-in serum.

3. For Dry Hair

Slugging is most beneficial for people with dry and frizzy hair. Thick and nourishing oil is the best option for dry hair—massage from root to tip and let your hair quench its thirst. Slugging will help you to remove frizz, dryness, and dullness. You can follow the routine twice or thrice a week.

Ladies, consider hair slugging as the old recipe of ‘hair oiling’ in a new packet. But it is always beneficial for the health of your damaged hair if followed properly considering your hair type.


  • 188
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