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This shampoo and conditioner for curly hair is the bomb!

Beautiful curly hair looks dreamy! And we’ve got our hands on a shampoo and conditioner for curls that does wonders to your mane.
shampoo and conditioner for curls
Here's a shampoo and conditioner duo which is a match made in heaven! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Updated: 25 May 2022, 03:55 pm IST
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Curly-haired beauties will relate to the love-hate relationship they have with their hair. The curls on our heads may someday reflect sass or turn into a total mess! There’s nothing in between. Hair care for curls is a challenging job. And to top it all, external factors like dust, hard water and pollution may add to our hair woes. Finding a perfect pair of shampoo and conditioner for curls is nothing less than a needle in a haystack. The haystack here refers to the frizzy and unmanageable curls. Sigh!

On the quest to find the concealed door to a beautiful mane, I started using the curly-haired hair product range by Manetain. Now, you must be wondering why you need a special shampoo and conditioner for curls and not the usual one that you’re already using? Well, to answer that, we know how each hair type is different and so are their needs in terms of hydration and cleaning. Not only this, each curly hair is also different from the other depending upon their curl pattern, thickness and texture. This makes it necessary to use hair products that focus on the personal needs of your hair type rather than just doing the job.

To start with, I got the shampoo and conditioner duo by Manetain and used it for a month before getting down to writing this review for you. Ahead of telling you if the products did something for my hair or not, I want to tell you that this review is not sponsored and is entirely based on my personal experience. I tried this shampoo and conditioner for curls without combining it with any other hair styling product or method to give you an honest opinion about it.

Here’s my candid product review of this shampoo and conditioner for curls:

For the first step of my hair wash regimen, I used the Oh So Soft Shampoo by Manetain. To begin, I wet my hair completely under the shower head. I poured a dime-sized product on my palm and worked it up in my hair. Using a scalp brush, I massaged my scalp to get rid of buildup and keep my scalp squeaky clean.

Oh So Soft Shampoo by Manetain

1. Cleaning

Firstly, it did what it claimed to do— clean the hair and scalp. It cleared my scalp of any greasiness and excess oil in one go. However, if you’ve massaged your hair with oil or have used a pre-poo treatment on your hair, you may need to repeat the wash process.

hair wash
The co-wash by Manetain doesn’t lather up but cleans all the product buildup and greasiness effectively.

2. Colour

Like many high-end hair wash products, the Oh So Soft Shampoo has a clear transparent colour. However, I had to be cautious while pouring out a dime-sized amount of it in my dim-lit bath area. One may mistake it for water in the palm and spurt out more than the requisite amount.

3. End results

While the product’s ingredient list mentions Argan, Jojoba, Grapeseed, Hibiscus and Vitamin E in it, Manetain’s shampoo felt a bit drying on my hair. This makes it necessary to slather on a conditioner each time you wash your hair.

4. Packaging

The packaging is cute and classy! I absolutely loved the press open cap on the long bottle. It makes it less susceptible to leakage and spills. The cap also lets you be in control of the amount you wish to squeeze out.

5. Texture

Shampoo texture
The texture of shampoo feels a little runny and water-like.

The texture of the shampoo is watery and smooth. And it does not lather up like a paraben and sulphate free shampoo is supposed to be. Newbies to sulphate free shampoos may think that it may not clean their hair. But once you rinse it off, you’ll know that even a dime sized amount does clean your scalp and hair effectively.

6. Fragrance

This is not a fragrance-free product. So, if you’re easily bothered by fragrance and smells, this product may not be the right pick for you. However, I personally found the fragrance very beautiful, mild and fresh with hints of Tea tree, Neem and Rosemary essential oils.

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7. Cost and Quantity

The shampoo retails for Rs 1,250 for 236 ml.

Oh So Strong Conditioner by Manetain

As the next step of my hair wash routine, I sectioned my hair to two parts. I opened the jar of the Oh So Strong Conditioner and scooped out a dime-sized amount of product on my palm which should be sufficient for both the sections of my mid-length hair. Rubbing my palms together, I emulsified the product and with praying hand motions, I applied it throughout the lengths of my hair. I avoided using it on my scalp like it is mentioned on the directions list on the jar. Right after this, I wrapped my hair into a hair cap. In the meantime, I followed my body care routine, for which I washed, scrubbed and cleaned my body thoroughly. This way I let the product sit on my hair for at least 10 minutes during each wash. Before stepping out, I wrapped my hair in a microfibre towel and let it air dry.

Here’s my honest opinion about the conditioner:

1. Detangling

The first thing a conditioner is supposed to do is detangle your curls and help you run your fingers through them. In this respect, this conditioner is nothing less than magic in a jar! It detangles my hair as soon as I put it on. I don’t even need to let it work on my hair before detangling it. It eases the mess on my head in no time.

hair conditioner
The hair conditioner by Manetain is a total winner when it comes to moisturising and detangling the curly hair.

2. Moisturizing

A conditioner should feel moisturizing to your curls and the Oh So Strong Conditioner is worth keeping. As mentioned on the ingredient list, this product is formulated with Aloe vera, Argan oil, Lavender and Plant based keratin. What the co-wash failed to deliver is instantly rectified with this conditioner. I wrapped my hair in a shower cap to let my hair soak in all the goodness that this product has to offer. It moisturizes my frayed ends and feels super hydrating on the hair cuticles. I’m not making tall claims about this one but your hair will feel smooth and shiny instantly.

3. Frizz control

This conditioner makes your curls a bit manageable and frizz free. I let my hair air-dry naturally and did not use a hairdryer or a diffuser. My hair seemed pretty soft to touch and shinier too. However, one might need an extra step like a curl hold gel to eliminate all the chances of frizz.

4. Weigh-down

This product will not weigh down your hair! My hair dried into beautiful and bouncy ringlets on its own. I did not plop or finger coil them or used any additional styling cream. While the product boasts of versatility and can be used as a rinse off conditioner, deep conditioner or leave-in conditioner. I prefer to not apply it again as a leave-in too. The results were a fuller, voluminous mane which I absolutely loved.

5. Texture

The texture of this conditioner is thick like whipped cream. It feels buttery soft on hands and emulsifies with ease when rubbed. It coats the hair completely when applied on dripping wet hair.

Hair conditioner
The texture feels airy and creamy. It emulsifies and smooths out the frizz beautifully.

6. Fragrance

The conditioner smells like the co-wash. The fragrance lingers on your hair for 2 days after the wash.

7. Cost and Quantity

The conditioner retails for Rs 1,670 for 236 ml.

Final Verdict:

Final result
Manetain’s shampoo and conditioner for curls left my curls intact and made them feel soft and voluminous.

The Manetain’s Shampoo and conditioner is a match made in heaven for curly haired girls. The co-wash could be improved a tad bit in terms of its moisturizing properties. Since at times, I rush to work without using a conditioner, it may cause more frizz. The conditioner is my absolute favourite and exceeds my expectations.

Lastly, it is important to do a patch test of every new product because each hair reacts differently to them. All the views in this article are my personal opinions and may differ from others.


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