Thinking of opting for a natural shampoo? Here is how you can choose the best one for your hair

If you want to break up with those chemicals in your shampoo, then here is how you can opt for a natural shampoo for your hair and scalp type.
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Team Health Shots Published: 17 Mar 2020, 18:22 pm IST
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Ever walk down the aisle at a supermarket to notice the number of shampoos displayed there? Now, take a walk back again to check how many of them are of the natural variety?

You can count the options on your fingertips. With barely a handful of options to choose from, it might not be too difficult to narrow down a shampoo for your hair type. But there’s every reason for you to go natural and ditch the long ingredient list—which is often laden with chemicals.

Make things easy for yourself and read on to know how to zero in on shampoos that are best suited for your hair type:

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Normal hair
You are a blessed hair-type indeed. You neither have a dry scalp nor is it too oily. All shampoos that read for normal hair will suit you.

Look out for: Shampoos that are suitable for all hair types. These will help you detangle, hydrate and cleanse your hair without stripping it away from the moisture.

Dry hair
Dry hair means that your hair lacks moisture, breaks easily, and lacks strength. You need shampoos that are creamy and restore both balance and bounce.

Look out for: Formulas that have nourishing creams, oils and proteins. These will restore the moisture content in your scalp and hair.

Oily hair
You will find the need to frequently wash your hair. This leaves it dry, ripping the moisture from your hair. You will need shampoos that will cleanse oil from your scalp and clogged follicles—without being too harsh

Look out for: Formulations that contain high level of astringents and thickening agents like wheat protein and panthenol.

Frizzy and curly hair
You probably are confused about what you can do tame your hair. It might feel like a nest for you, but you have no idea how blessed you are to have such healthy hair. All you need is a shampoo that restores bounciness without adding frizz or removing moisture.

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Look out for: Formulations that are nourishing and don’t lather up. Silicones and proteins restore moisture to strands.

Rough hair
You are prone to a lot of hair breakage, and your hair seems to be as dry as the ends of a paintbrush. You need a shampoo that offers extra moisturisers which nourish your strands from the roots.

Look out for: Creamy shampoos infused with coconut, shea butter and olive oil that coat the cuticles to trap moisture for extra softness.

Fine hair
You will need shampoos that are mild and add volume to your hair. All you need to concentrate on is–lather, rinse, repeat, because your hair also gets oily easily. Your best bets are shampoos that can be used on a daily basis.

Look out for: Shampoos that thicken your strands but are not so creamy as to weigh down your hair.

There is a huge demand for all-natural products that are safe for use and are environment-friendly. Understand what your hair needs, do your research, know what is in your shampoo, and show off that lustrous mane of yours!

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