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I stopped my hair fall at home with this DIY serum. Here’s how you can make it too

Hair serums available in the market are full of chemicals. Turns out, DIY hair serums can also be the perfect home remedies for hair fall.
DIY vitamin C serum
With all-natural ingredients this serum was a godsent. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 27 Aug 2020, 19:16 pm IST
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No matter the type of hair you have or its length—we all have our own unique hair troubles.

Out of these, some of the most common ones are hair fall, frizzy hair and damage caused by environmental factors. And so, it is extremely important to keep our hair nourished. Doing so won’t just prevent damage but can also be useful in getting rid of the problems it’s already facing. 

Hair serums, hence, are important since they travel deep into your hair and scalp to make them healthy and ensure that your tresses remain beautiful. But, the truth is that the ones available in the market are full of chemicals which might give you a glossy appearance, but won’t nourish your strands.

Find the right kind of hair serum was difficult for me
When I started out with the aim of finding a hair serum that will suit me, I noticed that most of the available ones in the market are laden with chemicals. Since I didn’t want to take any chances by using them regularly, I decided to make one at home.

Turns out, it is definitely possible to create your own concoction to make your tresses manageable and smooth. Since you have all the control when it comes to making a hair serum at home, you can choose ingredients that fix damaged hair and prevent future assaults. 

Here is how I made this serum
I grated two amlas and added them to one cup of coconut oil and a quarter cup of castor oil. I placed this mix in a pan and heated on low flame till it came to a boil. I then strained this mixture through a sieve to get rid of all the amla chunks. Next, I transferred it to a bottle and my hair serum was ready!

stop hair fall
You can too make this serum at home very easily. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The reason why I chose these products was because I was suffering at the hand of hair fall and my hair looked extremely dry. I wanted to counter these two problems to ensure better hair health. Turns out, I made the right decision.

Amla is a traditional hair remedy since it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Its won’t just stop hair fall, but also ensure hair growth and delay signs of ageing such as greying Coconut oil, as we know, is extremely moisturising. It fights dryness and makes sure your hair is hydrated at all times. Castor oil is known to fight hair loss while spurring hair growth.

Here’s how I used it
I used it for a month after each hair wash—which was more than enough, because my hair fall had reduced. It was definitely a relief to see the number of strands on my hairbrush reducing. However, what impressed me the most about this serum was how it fixed the dryness. After regularly applying this serum, my hair was visibly moisturised enough to avoid tangling, which made brushing it an easier task. Moreover, it became way easier to manage throughout the day. What’s more, this serum successfully restored the shine to my tresses!

With this, I’ve realized that making your own hair serum is a decently good idea given that you can customize it according to your own needs. And when you do that, you will see the results you want!

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  • 91
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