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Priyanka Chopra reveals her desi secret for her fuller looking hair

The desi girl of Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra rolled out her hair care technique and it is what Indians do all the time.
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka chopra’s hair care routine is as desi as it can get. Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Priyanka Chopra
Shifa Khan Updated: 10 Jun 2022, 09:40 pm IST
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Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been working across borders and calls herself a global artiste. She has been working endlessly and has welcomed a daughter, Malti Marie, via surrogacy. All the razzmatazz of showbiz and red carpet appearances requires looking glam all the time which she is a pro at. This involves a lot of heat styling and exposure to harsh conditions that play a toll on hair health.

But, the ‘Desi girl’ is still connected to her roots for the sake of her hair roots. Puzzled? We mean to say that she swears by her Indian way of nourishing her hair.

Priyanka recently took to Instagram and shared her secret to glossy and fuller looking hair and we were not surprised. A permanent favorite of all Indians, an oil champi, is what Pee Cee does to keep her locks looking fab all the time. While there are several fancy hair masks and serums accessible, Priyanka still chooses an indigenous favorite for her hair.

In her video, Priyanka revealed, “I like to oil my scalp in the evening prior to my hair wash day.” She likes to let her hair and scalp soak in all the goodness from the oil for the night before washing it off. But, what caught our attention was her technique for oiling the hair.

Priyanka Chopra
Give this PC approved oil massage technique a chance, ladies. Image Courtesy: Shitterstock

Here’s how Priyanka Chopra oils her scalp:

As seen in her video, Priyanka uses a bottle with a pointed nozzle to drop oil on to her scalp in a controlled manner. She parts her hair in small sections and applies oil to all of her scalp. Once she’s done with putting the oil, Priyanka loves to give her head a good but gentle massage using her finger tips.

Now that hair oiling is ‘desi girl approved’, there’s no point you should skip doing it. In case you’re still not convinced, we are listing some golden benefits of oiling your hair.

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5 benefits of oiling your hair just like Priyanka Chopra:

  1. Oiling helps in dealing with dryness caused due to pollution, UV rays, hard water and weather change.
  2. Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which aid in scalp health and prevents any scalp infections and itching.
  3. When you massage your scalp gently, hair oil tends to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. This adds shine and luster to hair.
  4. Oiling the scalp also helps in improving blood circulation. Do this regularly and you will have voluminous hair within a few months.
  5. To keep up the sheen and prevent dull and dry hair, oiling your scalp once or twice a week is the least you can do.

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