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Wait, what? Mira Rajput trims her hair on the day of the full moon!

In a tell all video, Mira Rajput reveals all about her honest hair fall journey. Read on to know how she fixed it.
Mira Rajput hair fall trick
Mira Rajput’s hair fall journey is as relatable as it can get! Image courtesy: Instagram/ Mira Rajput
Shifa Khan Updated: 10 Feb 2022, 14:51 pm IST
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If you think that we’re going to reveal spicy Bollywood gossip by reading the title, you’re mistaken, girls! What you read is a mere speck in Mira Rajput’s ongoing journey to treat hair fall. Before narrating her ordeal of hair loss, we ought to tell you that Mira Rajput is quite an advocate of healthy lifestyle practices.

To propagate her beliefs, she started a YouTube channel of her own. She often shares DIY skincare, hair care, and Ayurveda-related advice with her followers.

Mira Rajput has created a name for herself, not by being a ‘Bollywood wife’ to Shahid Kapoor, but by connecting with her followers. This time, she took to her YouTube channel to give an account of her hair fall journey. But a rather interesting trivia in her video left us looking for answers.

In her video, Mira says, “I trim my hair on the day of the full moon. Guys, this sounds like absolute quackery but I have been doing it forever. My mom told me about this and it is something in the farmers’ almanac. The moon has a certain effect on the tide, the earth, it has an effect on us and our system, and this is what I believe.”

“If you cut your hair in the waxing stage, your hair grows faster. If you cut your hair in the waning stage, it actually grows slower. And, if you cut it on the full moon, it strengthens your roots and makes your hair grow thicker.”

If it sounds like an old midwife’s tale to you, we spoke to Dr Ritika Dhingra, an advanced cosmetology expert and the founder of The Luxe Clinic, Delhi.

Dr Dhingra approves that trimming your hair every month is generally considered good for your hair health. And, even if you believe in phases and cycles of the moon, a full moon takes around 29 days to shine in the sky. That’s almost 1 month!

“Trimming your hair every 4 to 6 weeks is of the utmost significance as it takes away the damaged hair and all the split ends—which can make a lot of room for your hair to grow naturally without any hindrance. This particular method shows quick and satisfactory results.” says Dr Dhingra.

The 27-year-old star wife, shared an honest and long description of her hair fall journey and how she tackled it.

mira gulkand (1)
Read on the tips to treat hair fall by Mira Rajput. Image courtesy: Mira Rajput | Facebook

Speaking about the day she noticed her hair fall, Mira says, “Around 6-7 months ago, I faced a terrible hair fall. I have never had it before, not in this way. Of course, I have had hair fall postpartum twice but never in this way. I was seeing visible thinning, temples beginning to recede, clumps of hair falling. I was so scared to even brush my hair because that’s the amount of hair that was falling.” she said in her video.

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“That’s when I realized that something is wrong and I need to do something about it. There’s always an underlying condition that is causing this hair fall. There may be physiological and psychological triggers that were causing it,”she adds.

Mira figured out that she was suffering from telogen effluvium. It’s a condition in which the hair may enter a shedding phase due to stress or shock. This may result in mass shedding of hair. However, reversible, but this condition may lead to major hair thinning.

Mira Rajput workout
Mira Rajput is often seen bare faced without makeup. Her skin and hair speak for the love she gives them. Image courtesy: Mira Rajput/Instagram

Mira revealed in her video that her second jab of the Covid-19 vaccine, combined with stress, triggered her hair loss. While addressing her followers, she shared all the products and hair practices that helped her reverse her hair fall.

Here’s how Mira Rajput treated her hair fall with a two-step approach:

First step: Address hair fall by strengthening the roots

1. Tying your hair the wrong way

“Tying your hair too tight can worsen the hair fall. It causes traction and alopecia.” says Mira, who is a mother of two and has dealt with postpartum hair loss. As a solution, Kapoor advises to use a cloth or silk scrunchie to tie your hair into a loose bun.

2. Avoid styling your hair when wet

“I took a little more time to towel dry my hair. I absolutely don’t comb my hair when it’s wet because the follicles are very delicate and more prone to fall out. Brushing your hair when wet can cause more pulling and hair breakage,” says Mira. Therefore, to treat hair fall, it is advised to dry your washed hair completely before combing and styling them.

3. Using hard water to wash hair

“I put up a water softener on top of my showerhead. Hard water is generally bad for everything including your skin and hair.” adds Mira. Installing a water softener may help with hair fall as well as skin by not disrupting their pH level.

Second step: Encourage hair growth by feeding the hair follicles

1. Dry brushing and hair massage

Mira advises in her video, “Brushing or dry massaging your hair helps. Blood circulation is extremely important. How will the roots grow when you don’t add soil? Simple!”

A hair massage and dry brushing session may draw the fresh oxygenated blood to your scalp and hair follicles. Thereby, strengthening their hold on hair and treat hair fall.

Mira Rajput Kapoor
Get hair like Mira Rajput Kapoor by dry massaging them. Image: Mira Rajput Kapoor/Instagram

2. Look for an underlying nutrient deficiency

Mira suggested to her followers to not take their painful scalp condition lightly. Her scalp was aching because she was suffering from a Vitamin B12 and B3 deficiency. Therefore, it is important to cater to your nutritional needs after seeing a trichologist.

3. Hair oiling

Oiling her hair is what Mira stuck to. She massaged her hair with a herb infused hair oil to turnaround her hair woes.

Hair oiling can increase the blood circulation and nourish your hair follicles. It also ensures that your scalp remains moisturized and problems like dandruff don’t further harm your hair health.

3. Putting down the straightener and curlers

Heat styling can ruin your hair to the core. And, Mira abides by the same. “I did not touch any heat to my hair during the first month of this entire process.” she further added.

Heat from the curling or straightening tongs strip away the moisture in your hair. This may fuel the breakage and dullness in your hair.

Concluding her video, Mira Rajput says, “Drink water, eat well, work out, sleep on time, because at the end of the day, your body works in harmony and things like hair fall or skin flare-ups are just signaling that there is an internal imbalance.”

These tips suggested by Mira Rajput may work for some. However, if you’re suffering from major hair fall, it is advised to see a hair expert to target and treat the problem from the root.

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