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Keep your hair nourished with the right pH level using these tips

pH value of hair signifies its health and wellbeing. Certain measures can help you maintain the right pH levels and ensure your tresses stay healthy!
hair care
Dry massaging may relieve your hair of all its problems. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 20 Oct 2021, 17:42 pm IST
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We often hear the word pH on social media, be it in reference to hair, skin, or even food. pH is a scale used in chemistry used to ascertain the degree of acidity or basicity of a chemical substance. When it comes to our hair, pH value holds significance because it is a measure of overall health of hair.

Various factors affect the pH value of our hair, ranging from products we use to hair treatments.

Maintaining the right pH balance will ensure your hair stays healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
What is the right pH value for the hair?

A balanced pH value is of 7 and represents an acidic entity between the range of 0 to 7, and basic as 8 to 15. For our hair, the optimal pH value generally ranges between 4.5 to 5, which is naturally acidic.

pH value is critical, as if it drops below 6.0, then the hair cuticles tighten. Whereas, a pH value of above 7.0 will soften the cuticles. It means that the next time you are incorporating products or going for treatments, you could consider their pH value, as it is bound to have an impact on the nourishment and health of your hair.

For example, the closer the pH level of your hair care products is to the optimal pH level of your hair, the more healthy and beneficial it is. So, using a product that causes the pH level to drop can make your hair appear dry and frizzy.

hair pH
A balanced pH level will prevent hair problems. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here’s how to maintain the optimal pH level?

Choose the right products: The International Journal of Trichology published a study, per which chemical-based hair colours are full of toxic chemicals, drying agents, and sulfates.

This causes your hair to develop a basic pH level, become dull, lose its shine and strength.

Don’t use only water to wash the hair: the pH value of water is 7. While it is neutral in terms of its balance between acidity and basicity, it is still not close to the optimal value of pH for hair.

This can be damaging for the hair as it is more basic than the natural state of the hair, and can cause the hair to become brittle.

So, ladies, be mindful of the pH value for your hair, and ensure its health and nourishment!

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  • 114
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