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Mane gone insane? Tips to beat the summer and humidity-led frizz

Tired of your hair looking like a haystack? Here are some effective tips to tame the frizzy hair in the humid summer season.
frizzy hair
Tame your frizzy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 24 Apr 2022, 17:36 pm IST
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Do you dream of having soft, smooth hair during the summer? Well, you’re not alone. As the temperature rises and the weather gets increasingly humid, we often end up throwing hair back in a ponytail. Not only because of the heat, but because by the end of a hot day, you can get super dry and frizzy hair.

When exposed to humid conditions, dry hair often soaks up moisture causing it to swell and the cuticles along the strands to split; resulting in frizzy hair. But it isn’t just dry hair that is fated to frizz, chemical or heat damaged locks can be porous enough to see the same outcome.

Health Shots spoke to Yuba Khan, hair care expert and co-founder at Manetain, who listed various ways to prevent frizzy hair caused by summer humidity.

Khan says, “Let’s start with the basics—that is, shampoo and conditioner. The lack of moisture can be a key cause of frizz. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner is the most important step and foundation to combating hair problems from the root.”

Looking for a solution for frizzy hair? Follow these simple rules to avoid pesky flyaways and frizzy hair:

  1. Don’t over-wash

Washing your hair too much can be a culprit for frizzy hair too. Over cleansing or excessive shampoo can actually dry out the hair and scalp, causing frizz. On the other hand, washing them too little can make it appear flat or increase scalp buildup. So, the key is balance. Washing hair every two to three days is ideal.

“One should Ideally, use a co-wash shampoo with ingredients like peppermint for a cooling effect during summer,” says Khan.

2. Don’t skip on conditioner

Mastering frizzy hair is all about deep conditioning them. When you are conditioning your hair in the shower, use cold water to rinse it out. Hot water opens up the hair cuticle, while cold water seals the cuticle. A hydrating conditioner fortifies the cuticle, leaving hair looking and feeling smoother.

Khan suggests looking for a conditioner that works to both prevent and repair damage. Damaged, broken hair is less manageable and more prone to frizz, so strengthening your hair in the shower is a must.”

hair spa
Using a deep conditioner will smooth your hair follicles and prevent frizzy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

For dry hair, load up on a deep conditioner after you shampoo. Leaving it on for at least a few minutes while allowing the nourishing benefits to penetrate deep into the strands.

With curls, it’s especially important to avoid rubbing the lengths when drying off hair. It can cause breakages which lead to unruly flyaways so just blot hair dry between your microfibre towel or use a T-shirt to dry out curls instead. And finally, use leave-in conditioner to smooth down cuticles, particularly on oily or damaged hair.

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3. Use a microfiber towel

Fight frizz from the moment you get out of the shower by using a microfiber towel or turban for your strands. Regular cotton towels can be too harsh on fragile damp strands, causing friction that can lead to frizz and breakage. Instead, gently squeeze out moisture then wrap in a turban until it’s dry or you’re ready to style.

4. Mask it up

Keeping your hair healthy and conditioned are the keys to combating frizz. And to do that, there’s no better treatment than applying a deep conditioning hair mask once or twice a week. One should use good quality deep conditioner to not only moisturize but lock that moisture in so it nourishes from within and instantly reduces frizz.

5. Invest in satin accessories and pillowcase

Get ready to indulge by sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wear a satin bonnet. The luxe fabric prevents friction and helps keep hair smooth and frizz-free while you sleep. If not, put hair in a low, loose braid using satin scrunchies or headband to keep it contained and prevent it from rubbing back and forth against your pillow.

pillow during pregnancy
Use a satin pillowcase to wake up to shiny and frizz free hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Avoid over-brushing

Combing and brushing disrupts the cuticle, especially when hair is wet. Roughly pulling at the hair to get tangles out will cause a frizz explosion. Try a detangler or smoothing product before brushing to keep your combing experience smooth and damage-free. Do not forget to always use a wide tooth comb to detangle.

7. Invest in heat-protection products

Khan says “Applying a heat-protectant product before you blow dry is essential to keep frizz at bay. Always use a gel and or a heat-protectant spray to save your strands. Apply products near the hairline to get rid of flyaways and baby hair.”

straightening your curly hair
Not using a heat protectant spray before straightening your hair isn’t a good idea, ladies. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

After applying the product, always dry the most stubborn areas like the hairline and fringe first. If the hair dries before being blow dried, it will be harder to remove the frizz and create smooth results. If your hair tends to get oily, spray a dry shampoo at the scalp right after drying as a preventative measure to absorb oil.

  • 167
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