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This home-made apple cider vinegar hair cleanser is all you need to fight frizz and dandruff

Enjoy healthy and non-frizzy hair by using apple cider vinegar for hair. Wondering how? Just follow this DIY cleaner recipe.
apple cider vinegar for hair
Learn to make this DIY apple cider vinegar hair cleanser to fight frizzy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstcok
Grace Bains Updated: 27 Jan 2021, 12:32 pm IST
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Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh and juicy apples, and is subjected to an intense fermentation process, enriching it with live culture, minerals and acids. Quite often, our hair looks dull and frizzy, indicating an alkaline state or high pH (power/potential of hydrogen) value. Therefore, using an acidic substance like apple cider vinegar for hair could help lower its pH value, making your mane look much healthier, shinier and smoother.

Using apple cider vinegar for hair can also help with dandruff, as it creates a less conducive environment for bacteria growing on your scalp, thereby helping to eliminate itching, inflammation and flaking of any kind.

Therefore, to help you manage frizzy hair, we bring to you an easy ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) recipe for an apple cider vinegar hair cleanser that you can make from the comfort of your home.

A simple concoction needs just two ingredients:

½ tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

1 cup of cold water

This is how you can use this apple cider vinegar cleanser

Just mix these two ingredients together and you’re done when it comes to preparation. To apply, remember to use this cleanser after shampooing, gently massaging into the hair and scalp, and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

apple cider vinegar for hair
Apply apple cider vinegar for frizzy hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

This recipe comes with a few variations, using herbs such as rosemary and chamomile. Simply add rosemary/chamomile to the apple cider vinegar hair cleanser mixture, and let it brew for 15 minutes on a medium flame. Next, strain the mixture. You can use either fresh or dried variants of these herbs.

Essential oils can also be added to the mix. You need two cups of apple cider vinegar and five to ten drops of essential oil (lavender for example). Simply mix vinegar and essential oils, and store it in a glass bottle, since the essential oils may react with plastic. 

Tips to keep in mind before using apple cider vinegar for hair

Though the mixture can be used right away, allow it to sit for a day or two for the flavours and fragrance to blend. Remember to dilute one to two tablespoons of the vinegar/essential oil mixture in one cup of water, before using this cleanser and rinse through wet hair after shampooing.

apple cider vinegar for hair
Use apple cider vinegar as your hair cleanser. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

As a tip, try to use old shampoo bottles or any squeezable bottle to have more control, as you apply the cleanser throughout the scalp. Additionally, if you have overly oily hair, use this cleanser after your shampoo for a deep clean but if you wash your hair regularly and don’t typically have dry strands or scalp, ensure to rinse only once or twice a week.

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Moreover, as the famous dialogue from the Spiderman movies franchise goes: with great power, comes great responsibility, hence, though this cleanser helps to fight frizzy hair, avoid going overboard and practice moderation. Overusing this cleanser might make your hair feel drier than usual.

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