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How to protect hair from humidity: 7 tips you shouldn’t miss

Humidity leads to concerns about frizzy hair. Check out these expert-recommended tips on how to protect hair from humidity.
Woman with frizzy hair in humidity
Follow these tips for humidity-proof. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 1 Jul 2024, 14:13 pm IST
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The rainy season brings a sense of relief from the harsh winter and scorching summer. But the increase in humidity is not one of the best things about the monsoon season. If you don’t protect your hair enough, you may end up looking like Mufasa of The Lion King! Jokes apart, humidity can lead to changes in appearance, texture, and manageability of hair, causing unwated increase in frizz and volume. If the humid weather tends to take a toll on your hair health, let us share expert tips on how to protect your hair from humidity.

Tips for humidity-proof hair

Humidity in the hair causes the moisture to seep into the layers of the hair shaft, making them swell. This makes the hair shaft and roots weak, thereby leading the hair to become brittle and frizzy. This increases the likelihood of hair fall, explains dermatologist Dr Smriti Naswa Singh, explaining the side effects of humidity on hair.

Here are some tips to protect your hair from humidity:

1. Let your hair dry naturally

Always air dry or let your hair dry naturally rather than blow-drying them. This is because when we blow dry, the water in the hair shaft becomes vaporous and comes out of the shaft causing breakage of the cuticle, which is called Hyfrecation injury, says the expert. Alongside, make it a point to dry off your hair as much as possible before you step out in the humid weather. This is because when your hair tries to dry out in the humid environment, it can trigger other problems. Try to dry your hair, and use a microfiber towel that helps squeeze a lot of water from your wet hair. Using a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel to wrap the hair after washing and not rubbing hard with a towel can prevent frizz, adds the expert.

how to protect hair from humidity
Your frizzy hair could be because of humid weather. Follow these tips to save them. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Cover your hair while stepping out

Cover the hair with a scarf or umbrella when going out to prevent rain droplets damage the hair (the rainwater in cities especially has air pollutants in them which are not good for hair), reckons the expert.

Covering your hair acts as a shield that guards your hair against damage. Also, another easy way to keep your hair intact in humid weather is by throwing it up into an easy updo. Curly hair beauties have to be more mindful of that since putting their hair in loose topknot can keep them from expanding. A loose braid or a bun will serve a similar purpose by keeping your hair off your face and neck during these bad summer days.

Keeping the hair tied into different styles like buns, plaits, and braids is a better idea than keeping them open, adds the expert.

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3. Use mild shampoos and conditioners

The humidity increases the frizziness in the hair. Hence choosing milder shampoos (sulphate-free) and milder conditioners (silicone-free) is a good idea, suggests the expert. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are silicone-free. You can also give a leave-in smoothing treatment a try post washing your hair to keep it smooth for longer.

4. Wash them when needed

If we do not wash our hair 2-3 times a week, oil can build up in the scalp and can cause dandruff to increase, causing an itchy scalp during monsoon. An unhealthy or dandruff-prone scalp is more likely to experience bad hair days and even excess hair fall.

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5. Deep conditioning once a week

Deep conditioning with hair masks or hair oils once a week or fortnight followed by a hot towel can help in improving hair quality and decreasing frizziness, says the expert. Keep your tresses moisturised, for that is your only way out of frizziness. Coconut oil, whipped shea butter, and black castor oil all lead to thick hair. Bear in mind that a small amount can go a long way in keeping your hair moisturized before you head out. The aim is to keep your hair strands flat to guard them from humidity, and these oils help soothe this layer after you are done styling your looks.

how to protect hair from humidity
Deep conditioning can rescue you from frizzy hair due to humid weather. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.

6. Refrain from hair treatments

In this season, refrain from hair treatments like colouring, perming and straightening that damage disulfide bonds. These may further weaken the hair. Humidity already weakens our hair and experimenting with these treatments will only worsen the hair.

7. Consume a nourishing diet

This is a season when you may expect more hair fall. Hence, nourishing the body from within with seasonal and local fruits and vegetables ensures antioxidant and hydration support from within, leading to healthy hair. Incorporating foods like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, salmon, ginger, avocados, Greek yoghurt, blackberries, organ meats, collagen peptides, lentils, and a protein-rich diet can help maintain the volume of your hair. Vitamins like Vitamin A, biotin, C, D, E, iron, zinc, and selenium are a must if you wish to keep your hair healthy this season.

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