Here are 9 things you can do right now to reduce your hair fall

Is hair fall getting in the way of you having strong hair? Here are 9 things that you can do to say goodbye to hair fall.
how to stop hair fall
Take these steps towards maintaining healthy hair post Covid-19. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Updated: 14 Sep 2020, 18:02 pm IST
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It feels like nothing short of a nightmare to see your comb gather more hair strands with each stroke, even though hair fall is a normal part of life. In fact, it’s believed that it is alright to lose 80 to 100 strands of hair every day, given that each strand has a life cycle of two to six years. Thankfully, the ones that fall out are replaced by newer ones.

However, if you’ve been going through hair fall for months on end, have been losing over a 100 hair strands each day and have started to notice thinning, it is time to sit up and take notice because it means you need to take concrete steps to save your mane.

“Shedding 80 to 100 hair strands per day is normal but losing more than this is abnormal and needs to be assessed,” says Dr Deepak Vohra, consultant, dermatology, at Fortis Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj.

“Hair loss can be caused by numerous reasons. It can be because of hormonal imbalance, lifestyle, environmental changes, or even due to your genes,” he adds. 

So, what can you do to stop your hair fall?

Here are nine simple steps you need to take to stop your hair from falling out and maintain a healthy mane:

1. Maintain good scalp hygiene
Just because coronavirus has ensured we stay locked up in our homes doesn’t mean it is alright to skip shampooing. You should be washing your hair every once or twice a week. Shampoo prevents extra scalp buildup which can clog your hair follicles, causing hair fall. Remember, overwashing is also not advisable because it can strip your scalp of its natural oils that are essential for healthy hair growth.

how to stop hair fall
Maintain a healthy scalp to keep hair fall at bay. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Be gentle with your hair
Avoid aggressively drying your hair with a towel. When your hair is wet, it is more prone to breakage. Hence, being gentle is advisable if you want to keep your hair healthy. Also, be gentle while combing your hair. Using a wide-tooth comb while detangling will result in lesser breakage.

3. Avoid chemical or heating products
Heating products and chemical can damage your hair severely. If you are facing hair fall issues, take a break from using any chemical or heating tools on your hair. Believe it or not, this is the best thing that you can do for your hair health.

4. Give yoga a try
If the reasons behind your hair fall include lifestyle changes or hormonal issues, yoga can be extremely beneficial. Yoga will help you manage stress and prove to be effective in maintaining hormonal balance. When these underlying issues are resolved, your hair health will also be restored. Certain yoga poses also increase the blood flow to your scalp, promoting hair growth.

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5. Take supplements
Lack of vitamins in your diet can cause your hair to fall. Taking multivitamin supplements provides a boost of nourishment to your body which can help you reduce hair fall. However, we strongly suggest that you include such supplements in your daily routine only after consulting your doctor.

how to stop hair fall
Loading up on multivitamin supplements might be a good idea though. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

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6. Try some tried and tested home remedies
You don’t always need a salon when you have the option of trying out home remedies to fix your hair woes. A hot oil massage, for example, is not just soothing but effective when it comes to strengthening your hair. The warm oil not only increases the blood circulation but also penetrates deeper into the pores, nourishing your hair and scalp.

7. Improve your diet
A proper diet is essential for your overall health, especially your hair health. A diet rich in vitamin C, D, B, E, zinc, iron,omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins can give your hair the nourishment it needs. With proper nourishment, there’s less hair damage and hair breakage.

Consume foods like eggs, yoghurt, and broccoli which are rich in biotin and protein to make your tresses strong.

8. Go for ayurvedic treatments
Ayurveda has the answer to all your hair woes including hair fall. Using bhringraj oil or triphala can prove to be very beneficial when it comes to treating hair fall. Triphala is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which make the hair healthy and reduce the risk of hair breakage. Bhringraj oil, on the other hand, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

how to stop hair fall
Trust Triphala to solve your hair fall problem. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Take care of your hair while sleeping
Try braiding your hair before sleeping. This will reduce the damage caused by friction due to the contact between your hair and the pillow. You should also switch your cotton pillowcase to a silk one to reduce your hair fall.

So, reducing hair fall is possible as long as you’re ready to make these simple changes to your lifestyle. However, we do recommend that you see a doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

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