You’ll be shocked to know what happened when Taapsee got her curly hair chemically treated

Actress Taapsee Pannu has opened up about the impact of harsh chemical treatment on her hair, and her insecurity about her 'unconventional' looks.
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For the longest time, Bollywood actresses have been expected to have certain beauty traits. When Taapsee Pannu was still in school, she felt she was far from meeting that ‘beauty standard’. And one thing she tried to change about herself was her curly hair through chemical treatment.

Taapsee’s tresses definitely stand out, but did you know that once upon a time, they made her feel out of place.

Hair tales

The actress has opened up about her looks-related insecurities it in an interview to Cosmopolitan magazine.

“It was the opposite of everything I was. I didn’t have those big ‘doe eyes’; I didn’t have an elegant, small nose…I had this large, ‘royal nose’, as people call it. I didn’t have luscious lips or straight, silky hair—you know, the kind that actresses flipped around. I had curly hair, and I remember noticing that none of the actresses on television had hair that looked like mine,” she shared.

In fact, Taapsee says she was still in school when she was conscious about her curly tresses. And guess what she did then?

“I visited a salon to get my hair chemically straightened — twice — using those terrible chemical treatments that were available at the time. And that completely ruined my hair! At first, I was so frustrated to have limp ends with curly bits growing on the top.”

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The result of chemical treatment

She says, “I was horrified when my hair began falling!”

Yes, excess chemical treatment can have adverse effects on skin and hair sometimes. Take the right measures to solve your hair problems.

According to Dr Arika Bansal, a hair transplant surgeon, these are the four things you should not do if you want to avoid baldness:

1. Avoid using products with a high sulphur content and artificial scents

Organic shampoos are considered best as they don’t leave any residue on hair.

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2. Avoid long and high heat exposure

Temperature more than 175 degree Celsius is considered hazardous for the hair. Exposure to this kind of heat for just five minutes is enough to cause physical damage.

3. Say no to chemical and heat-based treatments

Excessive blow drying, heated combs, straightener, colouring products, bleaching agents, perms, and relaxers can dry out the hair strands to the core.

4. Never use heating products on wet hair

Doing this can really be damaging.

Reduce your dependence on heating appliances for your locks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What Taapsee realised about the concept of beauty

Initially, Taapsee was convinced she “did not fit the conventional parameters of beauty”, and tried to change herself. She admits she failed at it “miserably”.

Self-love is the most important, she realised soon enough.

“I realised that I need to live with and love what I have. Today, I understand how beautiful it is when you truly love the way you are,” admits the actress, who is one of the most versatile talents in Bollywood today.

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