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These 6 completely-natural hair care tips will help your locks grow faster!

Yes, you can grow hair faster by simply following these natural home remedies that will also ensure your mane is healthy, soft, and shiny.
steaming hair
Make your hair soft and strong with hair steaming! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Ritika Dhingra Published: 18 Dec 2020, 16:36 pm IST
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According to the American Academy of Dermatology the hair grows about half an inch every month on an average, which puts the yearly hair growth of a person at around 6 inches.

However, because of the degrading climatic conditions and poor eating habits, hardly anybody can reach this level now. But, you must try everything in order to maintain the health and length of your lustrous locks!

So, get ready for a few hair care tips to grow hair faster and to make them healthier.

1. Trim your hair regularly

Trimming your hair every eight to 10 weeks is of the utmost significance as it takes away the damaged hair and all the split ends—which can make a lot of room for your hair to grow naturally without any hindrance. This particular method shows quick and satisfactory results.

2. Swear by hair masks and regular oiling

Hair masks have been proven to help hair by providing all the essential nutrients and minerals. Though it is sometimes good to use a branded hair mask full of all the requirements, a home-made hair mask can also the trick.

Oil your scalp and hair the night before and wash it off the next morning. Next, apply the mask and rinse it after a good 30-45 minutes to experience some great results.

hair mask
Oiling your hair can do wonders! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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3. Lock in the nutrients through conditioning

One of the easiest ways to keep your hair shiny, healthy, and long is to apply conditioner after every wash. This minimises the tangling and gives your hair a nice and smooth texture which results in reduced hair fall. Conditioning also helps in sealing the hair cuticle at the end and protects the hair from further damage.

4. Ditch the heat

As beautiful as poker straight hair may seem to you, it is absolutely essential to reduce the exposure of your hair to heating tools as they can deeply damage your hair.

Such tools take away all the moisture from the inside and permanently damages the bonds of the hair strand. Therefore, it is always advised to use natural methods like braiding your hair a night before for envious curls.

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5. Avoid washing your hair with hot water

Most of us tend to use hot water to wash our hair, especially during winters. But many studies suggest that washing your hair with hot water can damage your hair follicles and restrict hair growth. Hence, to protect your hair and scalp, it is highly recommended to use cold or room temperature water while washing your hair.

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6. Use caffeine for hair

Yes, you heard it right! Caffeine is a really good ingredient when it comes to the health of your hair, as it stimulates blood flow to your scalp and also counteracts DHT, the hormone responsible for hair loss. Therefore, adding a caffeine-spiked hair product to your routine can do wonders.

Hair growth is a slow and exhausting process, but worry not. We are sure that by following these easy tips to grow hair faster along with a healthy diet can bring significant change in your hair. Just trust the process and see it for yourself!

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Dr Ritika Dhingra is an advanced cosmetology expert. She is also the founder of The Luxe Clinic, Delhi. ...Read More

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